What is WUCOLS?

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 22, 2015 12:34:00 PM

Nerium_petite_pilar_Salmon_001-465159-editedWUCOLS (Water Use Classification of Landscape Species) is a database of common landscape plants classified by their water needs in the main climactic regions of California.

Assembled by UC Davis, the California Center for Urban Horticulture and the California Department of Water Resources, WUCOLS is organized specifically to educate consumers about the water needs of the most common landscape plants available in nurseries. 

Only 1% of plants have been scientifically researched to determine their exact water needs, so WUCOLS utilizes the knowledge of experienced horticulturists throughout the state for the most accurate evaluation of the plants within each region. 

In the WUCOLS classification system, California is broken up into six distinct climactic regions:

  • North Central Coastal
  • Central Valley
  • South Coastal
  • South Inland Valley
  • High and Intermediate Desert
  • Low Desert

Each one of these regions is assigned to a committee of horticulturists, who test established specimens of plants in that region to determine what the ideal water requirements are for optimal health, appearance and growth. The plants are then categorized as having High, Moderate, Low, or Very Low water needs.

WaterWonk is a free website that allows users to search for plants by water needs specific to their region according to WUCOLS and then see the photos of the plants through Flickr. 

Green Acres Nursery & Supply offers a wide selection of the plants listed. Please check our stores for current availability. 

Elk Grove: 916.714.5600   Folsom: 916.358.9099   Roseville: 916.782.2273   Sacramento: 916.381.1625

Learn about another local water-wise resource, the WPA Rock Garden, which is a landmark garden known for its water efficiency.

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Moon Gardens - Illuminating Inspiration

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 19, 2015 5:31:15 PM

In the summer months, we do a lot of garden entertaining in the evening. Why not set aside a garden space that really shines when the sun goes down? 


Strawflower 'Dreamtime Jumbo White'

Moon Gardens are designed to be appreciated by moonlight and are a time-honored tradition in India and Japan. Not only to escape the heat of the day, but also as a celebration of the moon and the influence it has on the Earth's environment. 

The essence of a moon garden is to create an ethereal oasis which entices the senses like a dream. There are three basic sensations you should consider while planning your moonlit haven:

  • Sight- White flowers, cream-variegation and silver foliage all pop in the moonlight, unlike colored flowers which seem dim or muddled. However, if you don't want to go totally monochromatic, blue and yellow flowers make good accents.
  • Scent- Many flowers are fragrant at night to attract nighttime pollinators such as bats and moths. Strategically place these plants near a patio or pool where they can be appreciated.
  • Sound- At the end of the day, surrounded by soothing fragrance and luminescent foliage, what could be better than hearing the gentle trickle of water in a fountain or water feature? As a bonus, if you have a pond stocked with fish they will help keep mosquito populations down. Tip: For even greater mosquito-deterring power, try a mosquito repellent such as Bonide Mosquito Beater.

Here are some fabulous plants with foliage that glow in the moonlight:

Euphorbia 'Silver Swan' & 'Tasmanian Tiger' Lamb's Ear
Bush Morning Glory Dusty Miller
Lavender Cotton Artemesia
Dichondra 'Silver Falls' Variegated Gardenia 'Radicans'
Lungwort 'Silver Bouquet' Lily Turf 'Silver Dragon'
Variegated Flax Lily Brunnera 'Jack Frost'
Variegated Dogwood Carex 'Everest'
Jacob's Ladder 'Strairway to Heaven'  Snow in Summer
Pineapple Guava Silver Thyme
Dead Nettle  


Here's a list of flowers which come in white-blooming varieties for every season. Tip: Make sure to visit our nursery often throughout year to get the full spectrum of white flowering plants which illuminate your garden all year round.


Early Season

Cyclamen Iris
Lenten Rose Lily of the Valley
Daphne* Azaleas
Delphinium Peonies
Bridal Wreath Spiraea Foxglove

Mid Season 

Bacopa Sweet Mock Orange* Nictoniana*
Jasmine* Million Bells Guara
Fried Egg Poppy Sweet Alyssum* Astilbe
Cone Flower Shasta Daisy Roses*
Salvia Lantana Verbena
Fortnight Lily Nemesia* Moroccan Daisy
Summer Phlox Carnations* Gardenias*

Late Season

Fall Anemone  Asters
Pansies/Violas Camellias
Mums Primrose
Sweet Tea Olive* Snapdragon
Iceland Poppy  


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So Many Benefits to Gardening

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 13, 2015 5:08:00 PM


Mandarins-846282-editedEating Fresh, Healthy Food

Some of our best gardening efforts result in a fresh supply of fresh fruits and vegetables — which makes it easy and fun to eat healthy.

Did you know that many water districts do not have the same watering restrictions for edible gardens as they do for the rest of the landscape? Contact your local water district for more information.
Veggie Calendar   


Provide Habitat for Wildlife

Bees, butterflies, birds and other beneficial wildlife. Consider your garden an oasis for creatures big and small. Look for California natives are favorites of our local wild friends.  

Tip: Keep a bird bath clean and filled with water and watch the wildlife flock to your garden.

To keep your garden thriving with less chemicals, practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Intro to IPM





Bring Community TogetherRaleyFieldGarden-945172-edited

Everyone wants to live in a place with established landscaping. That's not just an opinion, it's science! That's because plants improve air quality, and cool the climate which encourages people to spend more time outdoors. Neighborhoods with established landscapes and large trees have:

  • Higher property value
  • Lower crime rates 
  • Healthier, happier communities overall

Best practices for watering trees

  • Water deeply, yet infrequently
  • Use drip irrigation for slow watering applied directly to the root zone
  • Expand your system to match the width of the drip line as the tree matures



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Exciting Workshops this Month

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 8, 2015 12:30:00 PM

Don't miss the workshop this Saturday, May 9 entitled Clever Container Gardening.  Just like it takes flair to put together a killer outfit, it also takes creativity for container gardening.  Learn tips and tricks at this hour long workshop.  It's free and at all locations and just in time for Mother's Day.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the designs we will be sharing with you.



Another workshop worth your time and attention is our Water Efficient Traveling Workshop!  The workshop will travel between Green Acres locations showing live demonstrations of irrigation retrofits.  We mean that you will actually see us set up an irrigation system from scratch and see how newer more efficient technology can save water.  We will also demo the best water-wise plants for Sacramento.  Come by on your lunch break from 12 noon to 1pm.  Attending will benefit your yard and our state.  

Dates and locations of the Water Efficient Traveling Workshop: 

  • May 14- FOLSOM STORE
  • May 19- ELK GROVE
  • May 21- SACRAMENTO

These are just a few of the workshops this month. Take a look at our Facebook Page for more event details or our Calendar.

Workshop Calendar



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Be Water-Wise – Take Advantage of Water-Saving Rebates

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Apr 24, 2015 5:32:00 PM

Get the Most out of Your District's Water-Saving Programs*


Did you know that many local water districts offer free surveys and rebates on water-saving tools for homeowners? Check out the list below for info on outdoor residential water-saving rebate opportunities. 

If you don't know who your water provider is, check out the Regional Water Authority's website

UPDATE: As of 5/13/15, the city of Folsom is offering rebates.

California American Water

  • Residential Landscape Survey
  • Large Landscape Survey
  • Weather-based Irrigation Controller
  • Lawn Replacement Rebates
  • Converting old spray heads to high-efficiency nozzles

Carmichael Water District 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Large Landscape Survey
  • Irrigation Efficiency Survey

Citrus Heights Water District 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Large Landscape Survey
  • Irrigation Efficiency Survey

City of Folsom 

  • Lawn Replacement Rebates
  • Irrigation Efficiency Rebates

City of Roseville

  • Landscape Evaluations
  • Lawn Replacement Rebates
  • Timer Replacement Rebates

Up to $100 rebate when you upgrade your irrigation system with efficient parts and more. Click here for details.

City of Sacramento 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Large Landscape Survey
  • Lawn Replacement Rebates

City of Woodland 

  • Mulch Rebates
  • Rain Barrel Rebates
  • Weather-Based Irrigation Controller

El Dorado Irrigation District 

  • Weather-Based irrigation Controller

Irrigation efficiency upgrades including:

  • Converting old spray heads to high-efficiency nozzles
  • Converting fixed spray heads to drip irrigation
  • Improving existing drip systems
  • Replacing leaking control valve(s)

Elk Grove Water District 

  • Landscape Irrigation Reviews

Fair Oaks Water District 

  • Landscape Irrigation Reviews

Golden State Water Company 

  • Weather based irrigation Controllers
  • Converting old spray heads to high-efficiency nozzles

Orange Vale Water Agency 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Large landscape Survey

Placer County Water Agency 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Lawn Replacement Rebates
  • Large Landscape Survey

Rancho Murieta C.S.D

  • Weather Based Irrigation Controllers
  • Converting old spray heads to high-efficiency nozzles
  • Installing a drip system

Sacramento County Water Agency 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Large Landscape Survey

Sacramento Suburban Water District 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Large Landscape Survey

San Juan Water District 

  • Single Family Exterior Survey
  • Weather Based Irrigation Controllers
  • Replacing spray irrigation with a drip system
  • Improving exsisting drip systems

*Most districts have an application process for rebates. Click on your district for more information. 

Learn about water-wise gardening solutions offered by Green Acres Nursery & Supply.


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Become a Monarch Waystation

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Apr 3, 2015 3:35:00 PM

Everyone is familiar with the black and orange patterned wings of the Monarch butterfly. Their four-inch wingspan, dramatic color and intricate patterns are recognizable from a distance. These tropical butterflies are not only unique in their appearance and size, but also their migration habits. Monarchs are the only butterfly known to make a two-way, 2,000 mile migration across North America throughout their life cycle.


However, recently, spying one of these graceful butterflies in your garden is becoming rare. Monarch populations have plummeted over the last few decades, influenced by many factors such as improper pesticide use, parasites and disease, climate change and loss of habitat. While it seems like a daunting task to help rebuild populations of this once common butterfly, if every gardener put aside a little corner of their garden with food and habitat just for Monarchs, these charismatic creatures just might make a comeback.

How can I help?

Every flower that provides nectar to a passing Monarch will help sustain them on their long migration across North America, but if you really want to create a safe haven in your yard for Monarchs, follow the steps below to create a welcoming and restorative Monarch paradise.


1. Select Your Site

Butterflies appreciate the shelter of established woody trees and shrubs, to provide them with protection from inclement weather conditions. However, there should still be some sunny patches in your Monarch habitat, as most of the nectar-producing plants that sustain them require sun. Being tropical butterflies, they do not tolerate cold; temperatures need to be above 55° F before adults become active. However, they also don't thrive when exposed to temperatures over 95° F. In the hot Sacramento valley, an east or southeast site provides the perfect habitat. In cooler climates, southern exposure is best. 

2. Plant Native Milkweed Species

Milkweed plants (Asclepias spp.) are the host plants that adult Monarchs lay their eggs on, and the only food consumed by Monarch caterpillars. California native species are the best to plant, because their growing season is synchronized with the migration patterns of the butterflies. However, native species are usually more difficult to find.

If you can't find any native milkweed species, other milkweeds will work as an alternative. Tropical milkweed (pictured below) will still provide food for Monarch caterpillars, but it is recommended that if you are using it as Monarch habitat, that you cut it back to 6" from the ground in the winter. This encourages Monarchs continue their migration to their southern overwintering sites, rather than sticking around to breed and getting caught in the cold. 


3. Plant Flowers Which Provide Nectar

While Monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed, adult Monarchs feed on the nectar of flowers, just like other pollinators. Milkweed species provide a good source of nectar, but it's best to have a variety of flowers for the butterfly buffet. Flowers which bloom in the late summer and fall are especially good for providing Monarchs with nutrition to sustain them in their long migration south for the winter. Here's what to plant in your butterfly sanctuary:

  • Red, yellow, orange, pink and purple colored blossoms
  • "Cluster-type" flowers that are flat-topped and made up of many small flowers with short nectar tubes
  • California native flowers
  • A variety of flowers which bloom successively, ensuring there is always something blooming
  • Full sun flowers, butterflies like to bask in the sun while they rest and feed

Yarrow, Buddleja, Phlox, and Agastache are all good examples of flowers that butterflies enjoy. 

4. Use Integrated Pest Management

You should avoid using any type of chemical in your Monarch waystation. Even less toxic chemical methods of pest control are still harmful to beneficial insects if they come into contact with them. Integrated pest management is a way of controlling the insect pests that harm your plants, with minimal impact on the environment.

  Intro to IPM  

5. Provide a Place for Puddling

While butterflies get most of the nutrients they need from nectar sources, they still need fresh water and minerals to thrive, which they acquire through drinking water from shallow puddles. Take a shallow tray, fill it with coarse sand and small pebbles, then nestle it into the native soil of your habitat. Keep the tray evenly moist. 

You don't have to plant an acre of milkweed to help the Monarchs. In fact, it is better to have many small sanctuaries spread across North America for Monarchs to visit on their long migratory journey. Even just following one of the steps above will help contribute to restoring the population of this once prevelant pollinator. 

For more information about how to become a Monarch Waystation, visit the Monarch Watch Website

Elk Grove Green Acres is Open

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Mar 18, 2015 1:41:38 PM

The Elk Grove store is now open!  Just in time for the official start of spring.  It is located at 9220 E. Stockton Blvd., Elk Grove, 95624.  The phone number is 916-714-5600.  With Grand Opening festivities the weekend of March 21-22, it's worth a visit.




Grand Opening

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Come Meet the Experts at Dig into Spring

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Mar 17, 2015 3:37:41 PM

Green Acres is hosting our third annual Dig Into Spring Ideas Fair at our new location in Elk Grove, March 21 & 22, and we want you to join us!

Dig Into Spring Event

In addition to food trucks, music, raffle prizes, vendor booths and seminars, we are very excited to host book signings by two local gardening experts: Carolyn Singer & Michael Glassman!

Carolyn Singer is a local gardening guru and author of the Deer in my Garden series, as well as her new book: The Seasoned Gardener. Residing near Grass Valley, Carolyn's Deer in my Garden series is the result of much trial-and-error testing in her own garden, to determine which plants really have the best deer resistance in the Sierra Nevada foothills. 




Her newest book is titled The Seasoned Gardener: Five decades of sustainable & practical garden wisdom. It is a compilation of articles she wrote for her column 'The Seasoned Gardener', published by The Union in Grass Valley. 

Carolyn will be signing books at our Dig Into Spring Ideas Fair on Saturday March 21 & Sunday, March 22 from 11am-4pm. 



Michael Glassman is an award winning landscape designer and consultant with over thirty years of experience designing breathtaking landscapes in Northern California. He has authored and co-authored five books, including the Kinder Gardens series, a playful series of books geared towards getting young children interested in gardening. 



 His newest book is titled The Garden Bible, a step-by-step guide to planning and designing your dream garden, which will be published in Spring of 2015.  

Michael will be signing books at our Dig into Spring Ideas Fair on Sunday, March 22 from 11am-1pm.


Check out our seminar schedule below for details on our weekend-long Dig into Spring workshop series!
Seminar Schedule

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12 Leaders You'll Want to Meet at the Grand Opening

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Mar 10, 2015 11:17:48 AM


The Elk Grove Grand Opening on March 21-22 will have the best garden companies in attendance.  These twelve companies are leaders in the garden industry and together are a powerhouse of knowledge that you can glean from.  Bring your toughest garden questions and they can help.  Here is a short description of each company.  Take notes and be sure to visit their booth at the event for some one-on-one help for your garden problems.

  1. Bonide

    Bonide has always been committed to providing the best possible solutions for Home, Lawn and Garden Pest Problems. This includes attractive, convenient, cost effective packaging and product selection second to none.

    They are also proud of their complete line of Garden Naturals. Effective, time tested solutions that Bonide has been marketing since long before it was “hip to be green”.

  2. Botanical Interests Seeds

    At Botanical Interests their goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you so that you can create beautiful and prolific gardens. Not only is the seed inside their packets the highest quality available, their packets are designed to give you the information you need to be a more successful gardener!

    • Over 600 high-quality varieties
    • Many heirloom seed varieties
    • A large selection of USDA Certified Organic seed varieties (learn more about organic seed)
    • Guaranteed - the germination rate of every variety is tested before we package it
    • All seed is untreated
    • No GMOs - they enthusiastically signed the SAFE SEED PLEDGE: They do not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically engineered seeds or plants

  3. Danner Manufacturing, Inc.

    For over 75 years, a history of excellence, and improving the art of fluid motion.

    Ever since their modest beginnings in 1934, Danner Manufacturing (a family owned and operated business) has developed and produced innovative products for hobbyists and professionals.

    They are well known for their  PondmasterProline,& Fountain Pump products.  They are widely used in water gardens and fountain projects for any home.

  4. E.B. Stone

    In 1916, E.B. Stone created a fertilizer that made his fruit crops the talk of other San Jose farmers. In time, he created superb fertilizers as well as soil conditioners, for flowers, fruit trees and plant material of many varieties. When he retired in 1979, he sold his family business to the Crandall's another family dedicated to creating the best fertilizer and amendments.

    Through the years, horticulturists at E.B. Stone perfected some of those original formulas. The result is a new generation of 21st century fertilizers, soils for indoor use, all natural pest controls and soil amendments for the garden and landscape.

    The proof of their efforts is when you see what happens in your own garden with their Green All, E.B. Stone Organics and Mastery Nursery products.

  5. Kawahara Nursery

    Kawahara Nursery has been providing the best possible service and product selection of premium annuals, perennials and edibles in quart and gallon sizes.

    This commitment began over 70 years ago with Sam and Jean Kawahara and their four children on a 2-acre nursery in San Lorenzo, California. Striving to perfect the jumbo pack varieties, the family pioneered the reputation of quality and excellence.

    With this foundation, sons David and John, expanded the nursery to Morgan Hill in the early 80's where they broadened product selection and continue to be a leader in providing beautiful bedding products to garden centers throughout California.

  6. Kellogg Products

    Kellogg Products has been helping home gardeners create beautiful landscapes since 1925.  They offer natural and organic garden soils, potting soils and mulch to help your home project be a successful one.  

    The company is a family business spanning three generations and has deep family roots to this day.

  7. Lake Valley Seed

    Lake Valley Seed was founded in 1985 in the confines of a small garage in Boulder, Colorado.  Seed packets were filled by hand using small “teaspoon” like measuring devices.  The company has since developed into a high paced, automated production facility, which annually produces nearly 9 million packets of seed, consisting of over 800 different varieties of flower, vegetable and herb seeds. 

    Since 1985 the philosophy at Lake Valley Seed has held true: quality products at competitive prices, servicing passionate gardeners and independent retailers. 

  8. John F. Mahaney Company

    They are an independent distributor of tools.  Founded in 1951 specializing in agricultural, ranch and industrial hardware supplies in the Sacramento area.

    They feature many quality products including the Red Rooster® line of professional tools. The Red Rooster® product line includes a wide variety of tools designed and engineered for the professional. These tools provide superior performance and tremendous value.

  9. McCalls Nursery

    Their mantra is "Growing Great since 1948!"  They have a growing facility of over 60 acres located in southern Fresno.  It is a family owned and operated nursery. They are well known for growing beautiful perennials, fruit trees, and some of the best roses this side of the Mississippi!

  10. Monrovia

    Monrovia plants has been around since 1926 and is known for having Distinctively Better Plants.   They grow over 3,600 varieties and over 22 million plants annually.  Each plant is nurtured by hand with care.  

    They are well known in the garden industry for introducing plant varieties that are more pest and disease resistant and or have improved characteristics like fruit production, shape, or color.  Using Monrovia plants helps you reduce the need to use chemicals for pest prevention and also helps you be a more successful gardener.

  11. Monterey Lawn & Garden

    Monterey Lawn & Garden is a distributor of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers based in Fresno, California since 1963.  Their goal is to provide home gardeners the same professional grade technology available to the ag industry.  

    Their growing line of products provide economical and effective solutions to yard and garden problems, and are properly registered and labeled to be sold to and used by the home gardener.

  12. Monterey Bay Nursery

    This nursery has been around for over 20 years, is on 50 beautiful acres in Northern Monterey County and have an offering of over 1,000 varieties of plants at any given time.  

    Monterey Bay Nursery focuses on new and innovative plants.  They are well known for growing fantastic perennials, California Natives, Australian plants & more.  At Green Acres, we especially love their Flowering Maples and Fuchsias!

This is just a taste of the high caliber garden companies that will be at our Elk Grove Grand Opening.  We actually have even more that will be there!  Between all of these companies there are literally hundreds of years of expertise in the plant and garden industry that will be available for free to all of our customers.  We hope you will take advantage of these great minds and come on March 21-22 at our newest Elk Grove store located at 9220 E. Stockton Blvd.  

Grand Opening


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Diggin' Our Fourth Location

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Feb 23, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Can you believe that Spring is right around the corner?  With a new season will come a new Green Acres store in Elk Grove.  This will be our fourth location!  As a locally and family owned business we are thrilled to be growing and continuing to spread our roots in the Sacramento community.  This store's opening comes highly anticipated and the Grand Opening Weekend will be March 21-22.   

Green Acres History

Green Acres Nursery & Supply is accustomed to salvaging old, underutilized spaces and up cycling them to functional nurseries. Our first store in Roseville was the previous site of the city dump, and in fact, our first customer brought us a bag of garbage.  The second location was the former Matsuda's retail nursery in need of a face lift.  Our third location, in Folsom, was the former site of Circuit City.  It was a huge, box store-like building which we converted into a beautiful garden center.  No small feat!  

Elk Grove is our Dream Store

The Elk Grove location is different.  This is the first store we've built from the ground up.  Essentially it is our dream store!  With over 33,000 square feet of indoor space, a greenhouse, a climitized houseplant greenhouse, an Outdoor Living Department and of course acres upon acres of plants, this fourth location will be the most functional and beautiful location yet.

So what's the story about this newest location?  We purchased a plot of land in Fall of 2013.  It is located off Highway 99 and Bond next to the Chick-fil-a. Our new address is 9220 East Stockton Blvd., Elk Grove.  The City of Elk Grove has been excellent to work with and supportive of having a Green Acres Nursery & Supply in their community.  The building process began last August and we are feverishly working to open next month.

Building Timeline:

  • August 29, 2014- Groundbreaking 
  • November 17, 2014-  Foundation poured 
  • December 9, 2014-  Roof finished  
  • January 22, 2015-  Parking lot cement poured
  • January 15, 2015-  Lathe house construction began 
  • January 30, 2015-  Greenhouse slab poured

We still have finishing touches left to do by the end of March.  These include: painting, installing electrical, building offices and the houseplant greenhouse, installing flooring, and of course installing fencing, solar panels and a landscape design.  Last but not least, stocking plants & products. We are keeping busy! 

Grand Opening Weekend

While final preparations are being made, a stellar Grand Opening Weekend is planned for March 21-22.  It will be a fun, free, family friendly event.  

The weekend will offer free garden workshops, complimentary food, Hot Buys and giveaways.  Plus, over 20 garden industry vendors showing their newest garden goodies.  If you have attended our Dig Into Spring Event in the past, essentially, we are combining that event with the Grand Opening.  This will be our biggest event to date, and one you don't want to miss.

Click to learn more about the Grand Opening!

Grand Opening


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