Why Gardeners are Choosing Columnar Apples

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Oct 22, 2013 5:23:00 PM

columnar apples

Have limited space but love growing fruit?  Why not grow columnar apples?

What are columnar apple trees?  

They are apple trees that grow UP, like columns.  The tree grows vertically with almost no branches and are an excellent space saver.  They can be planted in the ground or in containers.  They work especially well in small areas like decks or patios and grow up to 7-9' tall at full maturity.  Delicious apples are produced in clusters along the trunk off of short spurs.  Depending on the variety chosen a pollinator may be required, so check with a nursery professional for more details. 

Why plant columnar apples?

If space is an issue or if you are just nuts about planting edibles be sure to look into columnar apples.  A typical apple tree can get up to 20 feet tall.  However, with columnar apples you get the fresh produce in a fraction of the size.  

columnar apples

When do they produce?

Apple season begins in September and goes through November depending on the variety.  The beauty of the columnar apple is that you get gorgeous full sized fruit the first year you plant them!

columnar apples

Planting Ideas

Try planting columnar apples in two twin containers, we think they look especially lovely when they are flanking a front door or entry way.  If you have a sunny back patio plant in a line of containers like glazed pottery or whiskey barrels.  This can act as a privacy screen to help separate you from the neighbors, or simply to separate your outdoor space.  

Planting Requirements:

  • Plant in full sun.  (At least 6 hours of sunlight per day)
  • Plant trees 2 feet apart
  • Plant at least 2 trees for cross-pollination purposes
  • Water regularly during fruit development

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