What Fall Veggies to Plant in Sacramento?

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fall vegetables

Planting a Bountiful Fall Veggie Garden – Add some zest to your yard and your plate!

Fall Vegetables are here at the nursery.  The seed racks have been restocked for the fall vegetable planting season.  Rows upon rows of vegetables are now in the nursery nestled in their flats waiting for customers to come in and chose what they want to grow …what they want to eat.

Plant your fall veggie garden now! Growing vegetables free of GMO’s (Genetically modified plants), Reap the rewards of healthy vegetables directly from your garden! Fresh and delicious!  But what do you chose?  What do you plant? 

A Plethora of goodness awaits You! 

Arugula, Beets, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic, Leeks, Lettuce, Kale, Kohlrabi,  Mesclun (Zesty Salad Mixture), Mizuna (Japanese Mustard), Mustards, Onions, Potatoes, Rutabaga, Sorrel,  Spinach, Swiss Chard just to name a few!

Check out a few of these below to spice up your taste buds!

Arugula ‘Rocket Salad’ – Add texture to salads. Arugula has a peppery and nutty flavor that adds zest to your Salad.  Great for topping your Pizza too! Seeds or Plants when available.

Befall veggiesets! – Detroit Dark Red or Bulls Blood?  Beets are high in Iron.  Very nutritious!  Add color and tang to any salad.  Detroit Dark Red has a tender, buttery-sweet taste.  Great for canning, pickling and eating fresh.  Bull’s Blood is primarily grown for its tender, sweet red foliage. Seed or Plants when available.

Bok Choy (Pak Choy) –Great for stir-fries. Great for steaming.  Bok choi is great for adding to soups!  Very nutritious, high in Calcium and Vitamin C.  Try Tatsoi (Baby Bok Choy) or White Stem. Seeds or plants if available.

Broccoli -Packed with nutrition! High in Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and iron!  Great for eating raw or steamed. Diplomat, De Cicco, Packman, Romanesco and Waltham 29 are varieties that do well here in Northern California.  Seed or Plants when available!

Garlic – Besides benefiting the immune system, Garlic is a great complement for many foods.  It provides wonderful aroma and flavor to most dishes.  Roasted Garlic is delicious!  Elephant Garlic, Chesnoke Red, Spanish Roja and California are a few of the wonderful varieties of Garlic that we carry!  Plant from cloves

Rutabaga -  Delicious, firm, sweet roots are a must for hearty soups and casseroles.   Mash just like potatoes, add chunks to soups and stews.  The tops are edible too.  They make tasty sautéed grees. Grow from seeds.

Sorrel – A hardy perennial.  The leaves have a lemony spinach flavor.  Great for salads!  Grow from seeds.

Crimson and Clover…Over and over!

fava beans cover crop resized 600Not feeling like planting a fall garden to replace your Summer Garden?  Try planting a cover crop like Crimson and Clover or Fava Beans! 

Planting a cover crop brings many benefits. These plants cover the ground in the winter smothering weeds, fixing nitrogen from the air and turned into the soil into late winter helps improve soil structure.  Other benefits include: preventing erosion, enhancing drainage, inhibiting weeds and attracting beneficial insects.  You can plant a winter cover crop now or until late October.  These crops are called Green Manure!


 Download our Complete Veggie List and learn about ORGANICS offered too!

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