Our Plant Pick-of-the-Week: Cyclamen

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Nov 15, 2017 5:53:03 PM

IMG_0085-869246-edited.jpgCyclamen are a cool season tuber that have the ability to bring brightness to even the most dreary winter day. Cyclamen are extremely hardy and come in different shades of white, bright pink, red or purple flowers. And Green Acres Nursery & Supply offers over 10 varieties to choose from!

Special Cyclamen Varieties:

  1. 'Lazer' – A cyclamen enhanced with silver markings on the leaves. Lazer is one of the most shade and frost tolerant of all cyclamen. Excellent planted at entrances or in pots!
  2. 'Latina' – This Funflame cyclamen is a two-tone flowering cyclamen. The blooms resemble flames and have a slight perfume smell.
  3. 'Metis' – Miniature Cyclamen -- great for pots and window boxes!
Care GuidelinesCyclamen latina fun flame magenta (1).jpg
  • Soil: Sandy to clay soils are acceptable, but should be well draining, and loose with grit, compost or mulch.
  • Watering: An adequate supply of moisture is needed through fall, winter, and spring. Nature usually does the job during these seasons, but if not, watering by some other means may be necessary. Take care not to over water as wet and soggy soils, along with poor drainage, will cause tubers to rot.
  • Fertilizers are generally not necessary but adding some bone meal can be beneficial to maintain good condition. 
  • Light: Cyclamen can thrive in shade to full sun during the winter. Cyclamen can also be grown inside in a sunny and cool room.
  • Temperature: Cyclamen do not like extreme heat, but they cannot tolerate extended periods of freezing. For a long stretch of extremely cold temperatures, cover with frost cloth.


It's David's pick-of-the-week because:

"The colors are so bold and cyclamen can tolerate a range of climate conditions from shade to full sun during the fall and winter seasons."


Are you thinking about adding cyclamen to your seasonal landscape? Check out these ideas for a winter container garden!


 Winter Container Garden





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