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Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Jul 26, 2017 5:18:46 PM

powdery_mildew.jpgWe've been hearing a lot from our customers about what's bugging them in the garden right now. We're sharing some of the top offenders and how to fight them.

Natural Weed Control.  Weeds can siphon water & nutrients from your plants as well as harbor insect pests. Whenever combating weeds around areas where kids or pets play, always use organic pest control. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Preen® Garden Weed Preventer: Natural pre-emergent herbicide ideal for preventing weeds from sprouting throughout the season. For best results, apply in spring and regularly throughout the season. 
  • Bonide BurnOut®: Natural citric acid & clove based herbicide, safe for organic gardening.  Effective against actively-growing broadleaf weeds and grasses. 

Targeted Weed Control.  Highly invasive weeds such as nutsedge or crabgrass may need a stronger solution. These control methods are easy to use and tough on weeds:

  • Ortho® Nutsedge Killer: Effective against 50 common weeds, but won't harm lawns. Ready-to-spray container hooks up to hose for easy application.  
  • Bonide Weed Beater® Plus: Kills crabgrass, clover, foxtail and over 200 other weeds down to the root. 

rescue_yellowjacket_trap-268365-edited.pngYellowjackets & Flies. Outdoor BBQ's can attract unwanted visitors. Here are the best ways to get them to buzz off:

  • Rescue!® Yellowjacket Traps: Set it and forget it with this disposable trap. Pre-filled with a strong attractant which lasts for weeks. 
  • Rescue!® Fly Trap: Nontoxic and self-contained, can catch up to 20,000 flies!

Mosquitoes. Everyone's least-favorite nuisance is best controlled when targeted two ways: prevention and deterrent. These are our best-selling solutions:

  • Mosqutio Dunks®: A natural targeted pesticide which prevents mosquitoes from breeding in standing bodies of water such as ponds, fountains or birdbaths. Non-toxic to pets, wildlife, fish and people. 
  • Skeeter Screen™: DEET-free repellents made with natural essential oils. Choose from the personal spray, patio diffuser and and candle. 

Fungus. Warm weather and excessive moisture are the perfect conditions for fungal diseases. Here are our favorite solutions for combating these not-so-fun-guys: 

  • Bonide Infuse™: This systemic disease prevention & control is easy to use. Simply water into the root zone to fend off diseases on roses, flowers, lawns and other ornamentals. 
  • Bonide® Copper Fungicide: An effective preventative treatment for peach leaf curl, this fungicide will also help stop powdery mildew, black spot and anthracnose on a variety of edible and ornamental crops. 

Don't see your pest problem here? Check out our Pest SOS blog series for an in-depth profile of some of the most common garden pests.

Pest SOS Part 1

If you have pest problems, we have solutions. Bring in a sample of the pest into the Garden Solutions department of one of our five locations and we can help you identify and treat the problem. 

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