The Best Artificial Christmas Trees in Sacramento

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At Green Acres Nursery & Supply, we aim for premium quality.  We offer the highest quality plants, and new for 2016, the best in artificial Christmas Trees. In addition to our assortment of live and fresh cut Christmas trees, we've expanded our selection to artificial trees to meet customer demand.

These aren’t just any artificial trees, in fact, they are the most premium line for the price. We hand-picked the best from Holiday Concepts, based in North Carolina, and we're calling them Forever Green Christmas Trees. The details in shape, structure and presentation make these the most authentic artificial trees we’ve seen…and we should know, being tree experts ourselves.

The difference with Forever Green Trees, compared to mainstream artificial trees, is the impeccable attention to detail. The result is a more authentic and longer lasting tree. Trees are made with a mixture of polyethylene (PE) and PVC tips to present the most life-like trees in appearance and feel on the market. 

Our trees come pre-lit with clear or multi-colored lights perfectly placed to maximize the appearance of each tree. Setting up your tree takes about 15-20 minutes, and the only tool you’ll need is a pair of household scissors. Border Concepts has a detailed instructional video to help with setup and fluffing for best results. 

This season we are offering three different varieties of Forever Green Christmas Trees including Pine, Spruce and Fir, and a flocked Fir. Sizes ranging from 3’-9’ tall, with light counts ranging from 350 lights to 1600 lights.  Prices start at $60 and go to $595 for our largest and most brightly lit tree. You'll also find five types of pre-lit artificial wreaths, garland and other accessories.  Wreaths available in sizes of 24”, 30” & 60”.

 Kent_Spruce_76752 (2)cropped.jpgForever Green Christmas Tree Varieties: 

  1. Bedford Pine
  2. Slim Brookhaven Pine
  3. Flocked Hebron Fir
  4. Kent Spruce
  5. Melville Fir
  6. Broadview Pine
  7. Huntington Pine
  8. Ponderosa Pine

 Forever Green Wreaths & Accessories:

  1. Emerald Fir Wreath
  2. Lowell Wreath
  3. Swiss Pine Wreath
  4. Winchester Mixed Pine Wreath
  5. 9’ Lowell Garland
  6. 9’ Bayfield Mixed Pine Garland
  7. 28” Frick Pot Topper


Storage Tips:  Storing is easy. Each tree comes apart in sections and is best stored loosely packed in a cool and dry place.

Find the Forever Green Christmas Trees at our Folsom, Elk Grove, Rocklin and Roseville Green Acres Nursery & Supply locations.  Our Sacramento location has small, decorative trees available, due to their limited space. 

Forever Green Trees blog detail.jpg

Check out the Complete Variety and Price List:       Forever Green Christmas Trees

 And in usual Green Acres Nursery & Supply fashion, we are available for trouble-shooting support and for warranty assistance. The warranty process is simple and you can reach out to the manufacturer directly, or go through us. Please save your receipt to process warranty claims. Refunds on Forever Green Trees are not available after December 18, 2016.


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Why Choose a Living Christmas Tree?

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 3, 2013 11:16:00 PM

Fat Albert Spruce resized 600

Living Christmas Trees
The benefits of living Christmas trees are many.  A living Christmas tree is a tree rooted and potted in a pot instead of fresh cut in water. Living Christmas trees will remain living far after Christmas.  The neat part is that living Christmas trees create a tradition for your family to pass on for years.  The tree becomes a member of the family to be looked upon throughout the year with fond memories of Christmas past, and the anticipation of making fond memories of future Christmas celebrations.  A living Christmas tree adorns your yard or patio as a focal point during the year, can provide shelter and food for birds and is the "greenest" way to do Christmas.


What types of live trees are the best for a Christmas Tree?

living christmas trees


Baby Blue Eyes–Picea pungens glauca ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ (pictured left)

  • Slow growing to 20 feet and can grow to 15 feet wide.  
  • Pyramidal in shape.  Grows well in containers for a number of years.
  • Plant in the ground eventually in an area that gets afternoon shade.
  • Make sure soil is well drained  so it will establish deep extensive root system to withstand our hot dry summers.

Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce–Picea pungens glauca ‘Fat Albert’ (pictured at top)

  • Slow grower to 15 feet tall and eventually 15 feet wide.  
  • Ideal for using in containers for a number of years.  
  • Like all Colorado Blue Spruces, this Spruce attracts birds and is deer resistant.  Great for small garden areas.  Does well planted near lawns or cottage gardens.

living Christmas treess

Dwarf Alberta Spruce–Picea glauca ‘Conica’ (pictured right)  

  • Slow growing pyramidal spruce that grows 6 to 8 feet tall.  
  • This Spruce can get four to five feet wide.  
  • The dwarf Alberta Spruce is an excellent addition to any landscape or patio.  
  • It is well suited to containers where it can be used year after year.  This spruce does well in the ground too.  
  • Requires well drained soil and acid loving food.  Place it is a space that gets eastern or northern exposure.

living christmas trees

Horstmann’s Silberlocke Korean Fir–Abies koreana ‘Horstmann’s Silber locke’ (pictured right)

  • Slow growing Fir that grows eventually to 15 feet if placed in the ground.  
  • Silvery white needles give the appearance that the tree is lightly flocked.  
  • It looks like a lightly flocked Noble Fir Christmas Tree!  
  • This tree bears cones near the top of the tree.  
  • It does well in containers and thrives in areas away from direct afternoon sun. 

living christmas tree

Lemon Cypress–Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Goldcrest’ (pictured left)

  • Great lemon smell.  Excellent for containers as a nice table top Christmas Tree.  
  • Yellow foliage adds zing to a room and brings in Christmas Cheer.  
  • Place this plant inside in a sunny room (avoid direct sunlight).  Keep soil moist.  
  • Move outside after Christmas and place pot in a eastern or northern exposure.  
  • This Cypress does best in containers.  Grows seven to 10 inches per year, eventually reaching 15 feet tall and can grow three feet wide.

California Christmas Tree/Deodar Cedar–Cedrus deodara (not pictured)

  • Fast growing tree to 50 feet tall and can grow 20 to 30 feet wide. 
  • Does extremely well in our hot dry climate.  
  • This cedar can be left in a large pot for a couple of years before it needs to be transplanted in the ground.  Plant it in an area of your yard with plenty of room to spread.

 wilt stop

Care for Your Living Christmas Tree

Acclimate your tree to the warmer air that is in your home.  Place your living tree outside on a porch close to the house or under a patio one day before you bring it in to your house.  Consider spraying the tree with Wilt Stop Plant Protector (RTU).  Wilt Stop is an anti-transpirant plant protector.  It reduces moisture loss while the tree is inside.

Water your tree thoroughly before bringing the tree inside.  Be sure to place the tree in the coldest area of the house and out of direct sunlight.  Make sure that the tree is away from heating registers, radiators and fireplaces.  Don't keep the tree in the house for longer than 10 days. 

Other Care Tips:
  1. Use LED or low heating lights (Indoor/outdoor).  
  2. Keep the soil moist and make sure that it does not dry out.  
  3. If a saucer is placed under the tree, make sure that no standing water is left in the saucer so the tree roots are not able to rot.  
  4. After Christmas, place the tree outside and keep the lights on.  Consider placing an edible garland on the tree to welcome birds and watch your tree continue to bring holiday cheer to your home many days after the holiday.
 If you decide to plant the tree after Christmas, then download our Planting Guide to show you how.

  Planting Guide

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