Garden Gifts for the Botanically-Minded Mom

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Apr 28, 2016 6:38:06 PM

DSC04225.jpgMother's Day is upon us, so you may be searching for the one thing that will make Mom feel special–not just for the day, but for years to come. If your mom is botanically-minded and enjoys the simple things that remind her of her garden, then Green Acres Nursery & Supply has something we're sure she'll love. 

Not too long ago, a small group of the Green Acres team went in search of items we know gardeners will treasure. Being planting enthusiasts ourselves, we have a pretty keen understanding of what gardeners—with thumbs of all colors—enjoy. We found tools that will last generations, small projects that will get your hands dirty, and things that will personalize your garden retreats. Here's a look at a few things we found...

Burgon & Ball Garden Tools
Heirloom-quality crafted to last–add gloves and a gift card for Mom. Functional, beautiful and sized for women's hands. Made with waxed FSC beachwood handles, brass and stainless steel. 
Prices start at $30


Urban Agriculture Flower, Herb, Arugula, Lettuce, and Pepper Garden Kits
Unique recycled tea bag containers with organic seeds and soil–try a mix of herbs for Mom's
favorite recipe.
Herb and Flower Kits $15
Arugula, Lettuce, and Pepper Kits $17




FlashPoint2.pngFlashPoint Candles

Outdoor Candles
Soy wax is hand-poured for an artful touch–Mom is sure to love any of blended citronella scents, while keeping mosquitoes away. The handmade earthen clay pottery piece can be repurposed once the candle is finished. 
Prices start at $55

Indoor Minis
FlashPoint minis are made with soy wax and clean-burning cotton wicks. Choose from a variety of subtle garden scents like Tomato Chile Lime, Blueberry Parsnips, Peony, Peas & Pear, and more. Designed for countertops, baths, coffee tables, end tables...
$9.50 each



Garden Terrarium Kits
A stylish way to display and inside garden–Mom will have fun planting a terrarium with plants you select for her.  The kits come with a 100% recycled glass terrarium—in tabletop and hanging styles— along with charcoal, orchid mix, terrarium soil, moss, gravel, stones, decorative accents and building and care instructions.
Prices start at $30






One-of-a-Kind Bolga Baskets
Hand-made baskets from Ghana are unique, colorful and can be used all kinds of things: for harvesting veggies, holding a potted plant, as a garden tool basket, or for grocery shopping. Add a potted houseplant, or seed packets and soil, with a nice garden trowel for a fun gift. 

Prices start at $12.50




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Garden Décor DIY-Inspiration Meets Experience

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Mar 19, 2016 5:00:06 PM

Social media is an unlimited source of inspiration. It's easy to spend hours on websites such as Pinterest, browsing jaw-droppingly beautiful garden projects which you're just dying to try at home. However, it can be hard to know where to start to get your projects looking as lovely as they do on your screen. 

We're here to help with some simple DIY décor ideas to catch the latest online trends and keep your patio Pinterest-perfect. 

Tantalizing Terrariums

DSC04011-461196-edited.jpgTerrariums are miniature gardens enclosed in glass, and they make beautiful centerpieces for an event or just on display in your home. A few pointers for pulling this project off:

  • Because terrariums are enclosed and lack drainage, watering can be tricky. Try wrapping the root ball of the succulent in coco coir or moss when you "plant" it, then removing it from the container when you water. 
  • Morning sun or indirect light is best, the enclosed space can magnify heat.
  • Layer your sand, rocks, or mulch in the container, and don't forget charcoal, which will absorb any odor caused by excess moisture. 
Choose a theme and let your imagination run wild- any combination of ingredients can be paired to emulate a landscape in miniature. Try sand, glass and shells for a beachy feel. Mulch paired with moss, then accented with tchotchkes can create a whimsical woodsy look. 

The Art of Kokedama

DSC03930-533748-edited-799791-edited.jpgKokedama is a Japanese term which means "moss ball" and its a fast-growing trend in the world of miniature gardening. Basically, it's something which has been "planted" in a ball of moss, which is then wrapped in bonsai mix, layered with more moss, and bound with twine.

Kokedama is a form of bonsai in which you are stunting the plants growth, but creating a beautiful and peculiar work of art which can be suspended to hang or displayed on a pedestal.

Things to consider:

  • Small plants which grow slowly are good choices for kokedama planters, bonsai starters have a wide selection
  • Kokedama have limited root space to sustain them, so avoid situating in harsh conditions such as full sun or reflected heat.
  • Watering will depend on sun exposure, wind and the type of plant. Generally, an indoor fern, such as the one pictured, will need to have its moss ball soaked once per week. If outdoors, mist between waterings. 


Up-cycled Container Chic

DSC03941-732504-edited-771301-edited.jpgSurely you've seen planters which are made of unusual recycled objects. This "up-cycling", as it's called, is wonderful for taking things which might have otherwise gone to waste and transforming them into a stylish home for a living thing.  Basic tips for turning what might have become trash into container-gardening treasure:

  • Whenever possible, poke drainage holes in your container. If you can't, be sure to layer charcoal in the bottom, and be cautious of over watering.
  • If planting something which will be hung vertically like the birdcage pictured, use wire to hold the plants in place until their roots grow out enough to anchor them.
  • Succulents are a savvy choice for up-cycled containers because the plants can be divided and nestled into little nooks and crannies. 

These are just a few examples of projects you can accomplish with little time, your personal taste, and a little garden know-how. For recipe cards, and more adorable inspiration, visit us this weekend at our Dig Into Spring Ideas Fair at our new Rocklin location.

Dig Into Spring!


Saturday, March 19th & Sunday, March 20th 2016

Green Acres Rocklin 5436 Crossings Drive

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Great Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 10, 2015 2:40:56 PM

Chances are you know a few people who love to spend time in the garden. There may not be a whole lot of yard work to do right now, but there is plenty of fun gift ideas at Green Acres Nursery & Supply!



Do you know a gardener that is passionate about roses? Make sure you give them all they need to thrive. Mid-December through Mid-February is the best time to prune roses in our climate.

We carry everything you need for rose pruning, plus a great selection of packaged bareroot roses available in stores now! Choose from a wide variety of Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda and Climbing Roses. 

Packaged Bareroot Rose Varieties







What about that special person who loves outdoor entertaining? Green Acres Nursery & Supply Outdoor Living is your destination for grills in Elk Grove, Folsom, and Rocklin. We carry a great selection of barbecues from trusted brands such as Big Green Egg and Weber. The Big Green Egg package is a great deal, available in several sizes and comes with everything you, or your favorite grill master, need to get grillin'. Check out our gallery of grills



Houseplants & Accessories

The holidays give us many opportunities to visit with our loved ones. Don't show up to a party empty-handed! Check out some of these beautiful gifts for your favorite host or hostess:



Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a fountain-shaped succulent which bears beautiful pink flowers right around Christmas time. Its graceful weeping forms, drought tolerance and reliable bloom make it a great houseplant year-round. 

 Varieties may vary at each location.






Hand-Painted Pottery*

This pottery and statuary is bright, colorful, and sure to liven up a patio or flower bed. Hand-painted in Mexico, each piece is one-of-a-kind, and sure to perfectly accentuate your next fiesta. 

 *Available at Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin and Roseville.







Tillandsia Wreath**

What about a wreath that is still stylish even after the holidays? This one, made of woven grapevine and topped with a bow is bearing Tillandsia (Air Plants), an unusual type of eye-catching houseplant which requires very little maintenance to thrive. 


 *Available at Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin and Roseville.





Amaryllis Centerpiece

There's no going wrong with Amaryllis, a bulb which can be "forced" to bloom indoors to create a stunning living centerpiece. Simply set in a container lined with decorative pebbles, add some water and watch the stalk shoot up to reveal huge trumpet-shaped flowers that are sure to impress guests. In a hurry? We have pre-potted Amaryllis bulbs ready for any occasion.

Growing Bulbs Indoors 




If you just can't decide, go for the gold with a Green Acres gift card! Available in any amount. 

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Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Jun 19, 2015 12:45:00 PM

Father's Day is upon us.  A few short days to get your dad a gift he will remember and use.  If you need some quick yet thoughtful ideas, read on...


Upgrade his landscaping experience by getting him the right tools.  Nothing is more frustrating than working out in the yard with a broken or rusty old tool that doesn't work.  Make his work a breeze with these high quality tool ideas.

Father's Day gift

  1. Red Rooster Shovel- D-Handle, roundpoint dirt shovels, aluminum scoop shovels, Irrigation shovels.  
  2. Corona Bypass Pruners
  3. Flexrake Rake- 19" aluminum rake that is well made, durable and light.  Made in the USA!
  4. Red Rooster Professional Vine Loppers- strong and lightweight.  Makes sturdy cuts up to 1 1/4" 

Citrus & Fruit Trees:

What dad wouldn't like going to his own back yard and picking a bag full of succulent, sweet oranges that he grew?  We offer a full line of fruit and citrus trees on dwarf and semi-dwarf root stock for any size yard.  Ask us about starting a backyard orchard for dad.

  • Fruit Trees- Apple, Peach, Nectarine, Cherry, Almond, Walnut, Pear, Fig, Pomegranate & more. Fruit cocktail trees also available (multiple varieties on one tree!)*
  • Citrus Trees- Limes, Lemons including 'Meyer', Grapefruit, Kumquat, Tangelo, Orange, Avocado & more. *

fathers day gift idea


Bonsai is a great old time hobby that is on its way back.  It provides an outlet for relaxation and helps lower stress. If your dad has always wanted to get into the art of Bonsai, now is his chance.

  • Get a stand alone Bonsai plant so you can plant up your own container for dad. 
All you need is: 
  1. A glazed ceramic pot
  2. Your choice of juniper, boxwood or azalea in Bonsai size.  (All are great plants for beginners)
  3. Training wire so you can shape branches and trunk
  4. Bonsai shears
  5. Bonsai soil mix

fathers day gift ideas


  • Sturdy work gloves- in materials like leather, bamboo, jersey knit, nylon, canvas, cotton & more.
  • Waterproof gloves also available for working with irrigation or pond maintenance.


Veggies & Herbs

  • 1G or 2G vegetables 
  • Plant a container herb garden for the dad who likes to grill.  Fresh herbs help make the most delicious rubs and sauces for the grillin' dad.


Grills and Grill Accessories**

If you really want to go big this year, rock his world with a new grill! See our website for current specials.  We offer only the best brands that actually get the job done and last for years...and years...and years.

Weber Grills-

Offering over 25 in stock and assembled Weber grills. Many styles and colors along with all the accessories.  We carry items you can't find at the box stores.

fathers day gift ideas
The Big Green Egg-

An Eggcelent gift for dad.  The Big Green Egg is the best ceramic komodo type cooker on the market and of course has a lifetime warranty!  It is the most versatile barbecue or outdoor cooking device; cook pizzas, ribs, chicken, whole turkeys, veggies, cakes, pies & more!

Grilling Accessories-

A full line of grilling accessories from Weber and the Big Green Egg. You'll find our selection to be extensive and complete.  If it is something we don't have in stock, we can certainly order it for yo.

  • Covers
  • Grill Cleaners
  • Brushes
  • Grilling Spatulas, Forks and Tongs 
  • Aprons
  • Gloves & Mits
  • Grilling Baskets
  • Cedar Planks
  • Flavor Enhancing Wood Chips
  • Thermometers
  • Rubs, sauces & more!
Hopefully you are inspired by some wonderful gift ideas for your dad.  Whether he has a green thumb or not, he will be sure to enjoy and use these items from Green Acres.   


Store Locations

*Availability of products subject to change.  See stores for details.

**Outdoor Living products sold at select Green Acres locations.

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It's Bareroot Pomegranate Time!

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 16, 2013 1:10:00 PM

It’s Pomegranate time!  The selection is never better than this time of the year. 

Carried in special 3” sleeves and at $12.50 each, our quality Dave Wilson pomegranate selection is not only incredible but extremely affordable.  Furthermore, they make excellent holiday gifts for that health enthusiast or gardener.  Plant a pomegranate, give a pomegranate…


pomegranate2 resized 600

The Benefits of the Pomegranate

Pomegranates are native from Iran to Northern India and brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors. Pomegranates have a long history of lore since they are one of the oldest fruits known to man.  Once thought to symbolize wealth and a long and healthy life, medical studies now show that the juice of the pomegranate contains antioxidants that can offer protection against heart disease, cancer, help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and help clean the arteries.


Fruit & Foliage 

The seeds of the pomegranate are edible.  Tossed on a salad, the seeds add color, crunch and are nutritious!  Pomegranate shrubs and trees planted in a landscape offer beauty and focal points to any yard.  Their beautiful flowers attract hummingbirds and their fall foliage offers breathtaking yellows to rival many fall coloring trees!  Pomegranates are also drought tolerant once established.  Planted in a pot or planted in the ground, pomegranates make an awesome addition to any landscape. 

pomegranate plant

Spectacular Varieties

'Eversweet' Pomegranate
  • Very sweet, virtually seedless fruit. (Even immature fruit is sweet!) 
  • Red skin, clear (Non-staining) juice.  
  • Harvest late summer through fall.  
  • Large, showy orange-red flowers.  
  • 8-10 ft. arching shrub, or train it as a tree or espalier.
 'Parfianka' Pomegranate
  • Large red fruit is sweet with a hint of acidity.
  • Arils (outer covering of seeds) are red with very small edible seeds.
  • Vigorous upright plant sets a heavy crop dependably.  
  • Always receives the highest praise for overall flavor.  
  • Maintain at any height with summer pruning.  
  • Great for juice and for eating fresh.
'Ambrosia' Pomegranate
  • Fantastically huge fruit, up to three times the size of 'Wonderful'.  
  • Pale pink skin. Purple sweet juice similar to 'Wonderful'.  
  • Long-lived, thrives in any soil. 

pomegranate 'Red Silk' Pomegranate

  • Medium to large sized fruit with a brilliant red silky exterior.  
  • Large, firm yet edible seeds have a sweet berry flavor and a great acid/sugar balance.  
  • This naturally semi-dwarf tree has a slightly spreading growth habit and sets large crops.  
  • Eat fresh or use in cooking.  
  • Grow as a tree or shrub.  Can be kept to any height by summer pruning. 



'Wonderful' Pomegranate

  • Most popular pomegranate.  
  • Large, purple-red fruit with delicious tangy flavor. 
  • Drought tolerant.  
  • Beautiful red-orange flavor with beautiful ornamental foliage.  
  • Fall color is spectacular golden that gives an incredible focal point to your yard.

pomegranate growing 

'Sweet' Pomegranate

  • Sweeter fruit than 'Wonderful', and more widely adapted (better quality in cool-summer climates, if your giving as a gift to friends in the Bay Area).  
  • Small, glossy-leafed ornamental tree with showy orange-red blossoms in late spring.  
  • Harvest late summer.  
  • Un-split ripe fruit stores in cool, dry place for two months or more.  
  • Great for espalier and container growing.

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The Perfect Holiday Gift: The Big Green Egg

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 13, 2013 9:15:00 AM


Big Green Egg Sizes


What is the Big Green Egg? Is it a grill? Is it a smoker? Is it an oven? The answer to all of these questions is yes. This revolutionary American made ceramic cooker has been a source of culinary innovation from professionals and novices for over 30 years. Though there have been many imitations on the market, there really is only one Big Green Egg. And now is your chance to bring this product home for the holidays.

The Big Green Egg really can do it all, and in its variety of sizes you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. It is a charcoal cooker, so no propane necessary. This allows you to get that nice smoked flavor that you can only get from cooking over charcoal. The possibilities with a Big Green Egg are endless; you can cook chicken, steak, pork chops, fish, pizza and so much more all with one product. This eliminates a need to purchase separate appliances to achieve all these results.

The Egg makes outdoor entertaining easy. With such a versatile tool in the backyard, there is less for you to have to do in the house allowing you to maximize time with your guests. Even during the times when you will be entertaining indoors, nothing starts the party like slow cooked ribs fresh from a Big Green Egg.

 Big Green Egg Grill

If you stop by our Folsom or Elk Grove store, you can take advantage of our special packages. We provide a great value and are the best local source for Big Green Egg accessories. We have everything you might need to complete your very own Big Green Egg experience.

The Big Green Egg is a perfect gift this holiday season. So make sure you check out the Big Green Eggs and accessories for all the Eggheads on your list this holiday season.

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The Summer Thriller, Spiller & Filler- Charming Plants for Containers

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 8, 2013 2:41:00 PM

With spring’s warmer temperatures we are all spending a little more time outside. To make a huge impact with minimal changes to your yard, how about putting together a fabulous pot or planter catered to the style of your home and garden? This addition will help complete the look of your outdoor room.  When we think of summer, the idea of the seasonal planter comes to mind for summertime backyard entertaining-where we can showcase the famous trio of archetype plants: the thriller, the filler and the spiller. Each of these plant archetypes has a special role assigned to it for it’s use within the container and we’ll suggest some great combinations, below.


Terms Defined:

The “thriller” plant is an upright specimen plant that jumps right out and elongates the overall aesthetic of the space. Usually this plant is located at the center of the pot or container, however, if the pot is against a wall, simply use it towards the back of planter for increased “wow factor”! The “thriller” plant might be: a blooming Canna Lily, an Upright Pink Cordyline (pictured to the left), or a year-round plant like the Contorted Filbert (Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick).

The “filler” plant is a mid-level plant useful for covering space and hiding the interior or leggy portions of the thriller plant rising above it. The “filler” plant might be: Santa Barbara Daisy (a great California native) , Diascia (an easy bedding plant from Africa), Hot Lips Salvia (a Bicolor Sage), or Coleus (an annual, native to the West Indies).

containerThe “spiller” plant is used at the outer edge of the planter and closest to the main viewing area of the planter. The “spiller” plant may be: a silver-grey Licorice Plant (pictured to the left and widely used and adaptable), a String-of-Pearls plant (a succulent with long flowing tendrils of green “pearls”), Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine (dark foliage that contrasts beautifully against greens and whites), or Tapien Verbena (vibrant blooms atop graceful foliage).


Some favorite “thriller-filler-spiller” planter combinations from our very own Green Acres team:

tropicalsA California Vibrant Combination:
Thriller: Vibrant Canna Lilies (pictured on right) with ‘Sundowner’ or ‘Bronze Baby’ New Zealand Flax
Filler: Mixed Pink and Red Impatients & Variegated Coleus
Spiller: Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine

A Romantic Garden Combination:
Thriller: Purple Fountain Grass or Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick
Filler: Red Cockscomb, Delphinium, Red Chinese Fringe Flower & Brown Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)
Spiller: Dusty Miller or Licorice Plant & Nasturtium

An Arid Climate Combination:
Thriller: A tall blue-grey Agave or a vibrant yellow and green Striped Yucca
Filler: Globe Thistle (Echinops), Catmint (Nepeta), Agastache, and Flapjacks (succulent pictured to right)
Spiller: String-of-Pearls or Blue Tapien Verbena

A Shade Combination:
Thriller: Variegated Ornamental Ginger, Dark Blue Iris, or Lady Fern
Filler: Sweet Flag Grass and Japanese Painted Fern
Spiller: Coral Bells (dark clumping plant pictured below) with Purple Clover and String-of-Pearls

shade plantsAs always, it’s important to be sure that your planter has drip irrigation or that you’re watering by hand at least every other day on the hot days of summer. You will want your pot to drain properly, so many gardeners place 2-3” of gravel at the bottom. This ensures that the soil doesn’t leach out the bottom. In addition to giving your plants a nice mixture of potting mix or planting mix on top of the 2-3” stone base, you will want to use our E.B. Stone Sure Start Fertilizer to give your plants the best in their transition from nursery pot to home planter. If you have any questions be sure to ask one of our great employees.

Now it’s time to make your own thriller-filler-spiller combination! Feel free to send us photos or post them on our Green Acres Facebook Page.  We'd love to see creative combinations YOU have designed.


More Garden Tips!

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The History of Poinsettias

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 13, 2012 12:56:00 PM

poinsettias in sacramento

Do you know the history of the poinsettia? In the United States, December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.  

The first poinsettias were brought to the United States by Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, America’s first minister (ambassador) to Mexico between 1825 and 1829. Dr. Poinsett brought the plant to America and raised it in his greenhouses in Charleston, South Carolina. It was named in his honor in 1836. The Latin name is Euphorbia pulcherrima, literally “the most beautiful Euphorbia.” You may know Dr. Poinsett as the founder of the National Institute for the Promotion of Science and the Useful Arts, predecessor of the Smithsonian Institution
Poinsettias in Sacramento
The plant was initially known in the United States as “painted leaf” or “Mexican fire plant” until it eventually was named poinsetta pulcherrima, or “poinsettia,” in honor of of its discoverer, Dr. Poinsett. By the early 1900′s, they were sold as potted plants in California. Many poinsettias are still raised in the state, especially for use as Christmas gifts and decorations. The city of Ventura, California is even known as the Poinsettia City.

If poinsettias aren't already brightening up your home, now is the time to add some holiday color with poinsettias. Green Acres Nursery & Supply carries the highest quality poinsettia flowers in all of Sacramento. Choose from 4", 6" or even 8" sizes.  Did you know that there are many varieties of poinsettias? Although known for their vibrant red color, there are also white, pink and dappled poinsettias. We offer these seasonal beauties in a number of fun varieties like 'Marble', 'Burgundy', 'Ice Crystal', 'Red Glitter' & more.  

poinsettias in sacramento

Taking care of poinsettias at your home is something that can be a little tricky.  If you take the time to purchase a poinsettia for decoration we know you'll want it to last.  As we mentioned before, poinsettias  grew natively in Mexico which has a much warmer climate than Sacramento, so you'll need to protect your poinsettias from cold winds while also avoiding hot or cold drafts.  Also did you know that providing at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight for the poinsettia will actually help the plant retain its vibrant color?  

The best part about poinsettias at Green Acres is that we give you high quality at wonderful prices.  4" Poinsettias are only $4.50, and 6" are $7.50 every day.  Prices and quality you can't beat anywhere else while supplies last.  We invite you to stop by any Green Acres location in Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento and pick out the most beautiful "painted leaf" that will wow your friends and family this holiday season.  



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The Best Gift Ideas are at Green Acres

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 7, 2012 11:59:00 AM

Do you have a friend or family member who seem to have everything? A special someone who is challenging to shop for? Green Acres to the rescue! Here are the best gift ideas in the Sacramento area that are sure to warm hearts and bring a smile!

best gift ideas sacramento

The heavenly sound of wind chimes by CORINTHIAN BELLS are always a favorite gift- once you hear them, you will understand why.  The ethereal sound resonates like no other chime- They are all handmade in the USA, come with a 5 year warranty and are available in a variety of beautiful colors.  Come in and give them a listen!

How about the GARDENER who has everything? We have top of the line cedar potting bench and raised planter boxes treated with linseed oil.  The bench and planter boxes come all ready assembled and are a lovely, thoughtful gift.

How about that CULINARY* genius? We have a fantastic selection of grills and all the goodies to go with them! Top of the line Weber Genesis grills, the chef extolled Big Green Egg.  Don't forget the spice rubs, sauces, wood chips, and a pizza peel!

Have a friend with a garden full of roses, shrubs and vines? Pick them up a pair of the best pruners around- BAHCO pruners are user friendly, well-built and versatile.  While you're here, be sure to get a belt friendly holder for your new pruners and you're good to go!

PLANT LOVER on your list? Our CAMELLIAS are budding and in bloom now.  They come in a number of colors and varieties like 'Yuletide', 'Nuccio's Gem', 'Buttermint', 'Bob Hope', 'Bella Rossa' & more. Come see one of us and we'll help you choose the perfect camellia and beautiful POTTERY to dress it up!

best gift ideas sacramento
How about that WILDLIFE enthusiast? We have a super selection of bird seed, wooden bird feeders, suet and hummingbird goodies. Finch feeders are one of the most entertaining surprises- hang one of these and watch the finches go crazy!

Finding a gift for that special someone can be a challenge.  But getting them something useful and functional is a win-win.  Heat-up those cool evenings with a firepit!* 

firpit oraflame

We hope these ideas help simplify your gifting troubles.  Happy gardening. 

Green Acres Website


*Please remember that the Outdoor Living items like fire pits, barbeques and patio furniture are not at every Green Acres location.  Check our website for locations. 

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