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ere's our nod to the ancient idea of chromotherapy (aka color therapy). We're offering nature’s spectacular color wheel to both soothe and invigorate your soul.  According to history (and marketing buffs) certain points along the light spectrum can actually affect and improve your mood, state of mind and cognitive abilities!

Thankfully, Sacramento summers generate flowers as bright and vivid as a Picasso landscape so why not paint your backyard canvas with petals this season?  

Summer flowers provide:

  • A dose of visual stimulation
  • Built-in aromatherapy, too…for a renewed you
It’s not too late to get potting, so read on for a rainbow of gardening possibilities.

Seeing Red

Crimson, scarlet, rose and fire.  Whatever the shade, chances are, your blood is pumping and romance is in the veins. In chromotherapy, red is used to stimulate the body, mind and circulation. Get your heart beating and fall in love with…

summer plants

Carpet Roses

Where: Low-growing rose suitable for groundcover; full sun

Added Allure: Disease-resistance

Color Mate: Yellow, pink

Cranberry Ice Tickseed (Red Coreopsis)

Where: Borders, containers: full sun

Added Allure: Easy plant care; available in other colors

Color Mate: Yellow, pink





Splash of Orange

When we see orange, visions of Creamsicles, peaches and kitchen motifs from the 1970s may appear.  This color was also used by the Chinese to heal the lungs and elevate energy levels. Breathe deeply with…
plants for summer

Tropicanna Gold Canna (Canna)

Where: Containers; partial to full sun

Added Allure: Exotic, tropical; attracts butterflies (link to butterfly garden article) and hummingbirds

Color Mate: Pink, peach, white


Where: Containers, borders

Added Allure: Attracts beneficial insects to veggie garden

Color Mate: Pink, peach, white


Sunny (or Mellow) Yellow

Yellow, the middle child of the rainbow, often equates to cheeriness, a spritz of citrus and songs about submarines. As the closest relative to white, it could be the happiest spot of color on the spectrum. Plus, ancients believed it could purify the body. Cultivate cleansing with…

plants for summer

Early Bird Gold Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia)

Where: Partial to full sun

Added Allure: Hearty; easy to grow

Color Mate: Violet, periwinkle, red

Flying Saucers Tickseed (Coreopsis)

Where: Partial to full sun; poolside

Added Allure: Easy plant care; attracts butterflies; available in other colors

Color Mate: Violet, periwinkle, red, pink, white

summer plants

Gold Lantana

Where: Groundcover or tumbling over containers

Added Allure: Attracts butterflies; also available in purples and whites

Color Mate: Violet, periwinkle

Chase Your Blues Away

Midnight, cobalt, sky and ocean. It’s easy to immerse yourself in a pool of blue. Considering our planet is made up of 71 percent water – one of the most restorative elements on earth – it’s no wonder the reflected color was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain. Add a water feature to your garden, sit back and let the healing begin with:

plants for summerLily of the Nile

Where: Partial to full sun; green roof; mass planting

Added Allure: Water-wise once established

Color Mate: White, pink


Sunny Skies Periwinkle (Verbena)

Where: Containers, borders; by the pool

Added Allure: Fire-wise; available in other colors

Color Mate: Yellow, white, pink

Hints of Lavender

The last stop on our journey is the king of colors, purple. Whether it’s in its darkest form or a paler shade of violet, this particular pigment is synonymous with royalty and luxury. Roll out the red – ahem – lilac carpet and bathe your senses in nature’s riches with…

summer plants

Big Blue Lilyturf (Liriopes)

Where: Groundcover, borders

Added Allure: Water-wise; easy plant care

Color Mate: Yellow, red

Vinca Annual

Where: Full sun, groundcover

Added Allure: Low maintenance; easy to grow

Color Mate: Yellow, red, pink, white

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