Our Plant Pick: Lavender 'Meerlo'

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Sep 6, 2016 10:21:29 AM

Our Plant Pick: Lavender 'Meerlo'


Lavender is the perennial that has it all: beauty, function, and impressive garden performance. It's naturally well-adapted to our Mediterranean climate, and it's drought tolerant too! However, with so many species and varieties on the market, it can be hard to know which lavender is right for you. 

Julianne_Meerlo_Lavender-020729-edited.jpgIf you're looking for a lavender with fragrance, resilience and a little extra pizzazz look no further than Lavender 'Meerlo', a Sunset Western Garden Collection exclusive. It's unusual ruffled foliage with cream variegation forms a mound about 3' high and 2-3' wide, and, it's evergreen, providing year 'round interest. One of the most attractive mosquito-repelling plants that we carry, 'Meerlo' would be an ideal "thriller" plant for a mosquito-repelling container garden, along with Lemon Thyme and Ageratum. 

It's Julianne's plant pick because:

"This is the best-smelling lavender we have, and the bright foliage contrasts well against other plants."


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