Our Plant Pick: Lavender 'Meerlo'

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Sep 6, 2016 10:21:29 AM

Our Plant Pick: Lavender 'Meerlo'


Lavender is the perennial that has it all: beauty, function, and impressive garden performance. It's naturally well-adapted to our Mediterranean climate, and it's drought tolerant too! However, with so many species and varieties on the market, it can be hard to know which lavender is right for you. 

Julianne_Meerlo_Lavender-020729-edited.jpgIf you're looking for a lavender with fragrance, resilience and a little extra pizzazz look no further than Lavender 'Meerlo', a Sunset Western Garden Collection exclusive. It's unusual ruffled foliage with cream variegation forms a mound about 3' high and 2-3' wide, and, it's evergreen, providing year 'round interest. One of the most attractive mosquito-repelling plants that we carry, 'Meerlo' would be an ideal "thriller" plant for a mosquito-repelling container garden, along with Lemon Thyme and Ageratum. 

It's Julianne's plant pick because:

"This is the best-smelling lavender we have, and the bright foliage contrasts well against other plants."


 Looking for more beautiful plants which deter pests?

Mosquito Repelling Plants


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Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 1, 2014 4:03:00 PM

Certain times of the year we are bombarded by uninvited guests...mosquitoes. Try repelling them naturally with plants.

All three of these plants are suited to containers. All are available in seed and most are available as starters. Fill any containers you have with good quality potting soil and sow seeds or plant these mosquito repelling gems! Try starting in smaller containers and move them around the yard to wherever you want to enjoy some mosquito-free time.


mosquito repelling plants 

Lemon Thyme: 
This staple of the herb garden has many health benefits that also include mosquito control. Thyme is a perennial, so once you've got it started, you'll have it for years to come with proper care. There are several different types of thyme, although, lemon thyme has the reputation of signaling mosquitoes to bug off. 

 Sow and Grow:

  • Thyme seeds are tiny, so they shouldn't be sown too deeply; 1/8" is plenty.
  • Like any other shallow sown seed, keeping the soil moist throughout germination can be tricky. Try sowing the seeds into pre-moistened soil then cover the area or container with clear plastic wrap. As soon as you see green, remove the cover (this works for the rest of the seeds in this article, too).

Basic Care:

  • Thyme likes to grow in full sun, but in the heat of summer, this can be too much in the Sacramento area. 
  • Start by establishing the plants in a flowerpot in partial sun then transplant it during the fall into a sunnier spot.


Many people grow this ornamental beauty for their feline friends. Some people grow it for teas and its medicinal qualities. Now we can all grow it for its ability to repel mosquitoes. Catnip is also a reliable perennial and will return year after year, like thyme.

 Sow and Grow:

  • Catnip seeds are very tiny. Scratch them gently into pre-moistened soil and keep moist, being careful not to cover too deeply.

mosquito repelling plant

Basic Care:

  • Catnip likes some room to spread out, so plan for about 2' of space for each plant. Also, catnip does grow well in containers, although it will be a smaller plant.
  • Catnip is both a low-water plant and a deer resistant plant.
  • If you have cats, you may want to cover your plants with wire mesh to make sure there is plenty of plant left to deter mosquitoes.

Lime Basil:

This less traditional basil has all the culinary acumen of standard basil with a distinct lime kick. This easy-to-grow annual is suited to almost any garden and is the ire of mosquitoes.

Sow and Grow:

  • Lime basil, like other basil, requires warm soil to germinate. Be sure to sow in a warm spot.

mosquito repelling plant 

Basic Care:

  • Lime basil likes to grow in full sun but will tolerate as little as 4 hours of strong, direct sun a day.
  • Lime basil is great in gardens with well-drained, moist soil and is also great for containers. In either setting, a steady supply of moisture is necessary for peak performance.


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