Smartscape Plants- Part 1

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Aug 30, 2013 9:35:00 AM

smartscape plants

SMARTSCAPE PLANTS –  Are plants whose water requirements can be fulfilled by the amount of rainfall of their climate (Sacramento Area) once they are acclimated. 

Smartscape plants are normally called “water-wise” plants.  Smartscape or water-wise plants are generally low maintenance and look good in a 'naturalized' type landscape like the example to the right. Drought tolerant plant selections used to be difficult to find or mostly mundane, unattractive plants. However, due to the demand for low water plants increasing, we now have horticultural gems from all over the world to choose from. 

Take a look at these new plant introductions... 

Now you can have colorful plants that are waterwise and attractive year around.  These plants help turn your yard or containers into smarter landscaped area.

smartscape plants

1.  Gomphrena Balboa

Gomphrena hybrid ‘Balboa’

Masses of button-shaped flowers in pink appear from summer to Frost.  The pink flowers radiate out in dark flower stars that have a touch of Orange on the tip hardy down to 10 degrees.  Easy to grow and tolerates periods of drought once it is established. 

Plant Highlights:

  • Thrives in hot conditions. 
  • Full sun against a wall or near a sidewalk. 
  • Great for a butterfly garden since it attracts lots of butterflies. 
  • The flowers make an excellent cut flower!
  • Great for a focal point (Thriller) in a container! 
  • Gomphrena  Grows 8-16” high and wide. 
  • This plant is part of the Proven Winner series!

smartscape plants

2.  Red Rod Emu Bush

Eremophil calorhabdos

This water wise beauty grows where there is great drainage and requires an area where there is no standing water after rains.

Plant Highlights:

  • The Red Rod Emu Bush responds well to pruning.   
  • Stems can be used in flower arrangements. 
  • The pinky red tubular flowers bloom late into summer. 
  • It's native to Western Australia 
  • It grows 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide and can be shaped into a hedge
  • It’s flowers attract birds!

smartscape plants

3.  Germander ‘Azure Blue’

Teucrium fruticans ‘Azure Blue’

This deer resistant upright evergreen shrub has gray green leaves with silvery white undersides.  Beautiful Azure blue flowers are on the plant Spring through Fall. 

Plant Highlights:

  • This virtually pest free shrub attracts bee’s and hummingbirds. 
  • The leaves are mildly fragrant. 
  • Plant Teucrium with other drought tolerant plants like Ceanothus, Manzanita or Lavenders. 
  • This Mediterranean native grows 4-6 feet tall as well as 4-6’ wide.


Stay tuned for our part 2 to this article with more smartscaping varieties.  In the meantime please drop by one of our locations-Contact Us to see our selection.  



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Spring Garden Ideas- Unique & Exciting Plants

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Apr 11, 2013 9:30:00 AM

We are getting into the middle of spring, but did you know that we offer you new and exciting varieties of plants every season?  Here are some exciting varieties.


'Kellogg's Breakfast'-1 lb., pale to deep orange beefsteak tomatoes originally from West Virginia, that are thin-skinned, meaty, have few seeds and a fantastic sweet, tangy flavor. Juice and inside flesh have the same bright orange color as orange juice.

spring garden ideas

'Stupiche'- Pronounced ìstu-peach-ka,î this heirloom from Czechoslovakia produces very early yields of sweet, red, oval tomatoes on potato-leaf plants. Combines excellent old-time flavor with cold-tolerance and high production in short season areas. 65 days from transplant.


spring garden ideas 

Annuals & Perennials: 

Wave Petunas- The Wave family is full of easy, spreading color.  Creates a ground hugging carpet of color spreading up to 4 feet!  They also are excellent in hanging baskets or containers.

wave mania resized 600

Bahama Bay Series Hibiscus
Create a tropical oasis around your pool or garden with these vivid bi- and tri-colored blooms. Exceptional for full sun.

spring garden ideas 

Shrubs and Trees:

'Pink Splash' Carpet Rose by Monrovia- More compact that the original Pink rose, the new Pink Splash has glossy green foliage that doesn't require spraying due to exceptional disease resistance.This easy-care shrub is covered in masses of two-toned blooms from spring through fall, and is self cleaning, eliminating need for pruning or dead heading! An exceptional choice for for borders, mass plantings and patio containers. 

spring garden ideas


New Fruit and Nut Trees- Offering new fruit trees available as dwarf varieties.  Not to mention nut trees! 

Tea Tree 'Nanum Niru' by Monrovia-  This is a dwarf variety with tightly branched dark green foliage.  It is also a water-wise plant and is a good choice for accents, rock gardens or front of borders. **

Spring garden ideas 

Variegated 'Jack Frost' Texas Privet by Monrovia- Shiny, leathery green leaves have creamy white edges. A very versatile landscape plant for hedges, foundation plantings, topiary or screens. Hard to beat for adding form, adaptability and color contrast to the landscape. Evergreen. **

spring garden ideas 

Coprosma 'Vista Verde'- A New Zealand native also known as the mirror plant. The small, cream-margined gray-green leaves display attractive, translucent, white berries preceded by inconspicuous flowers when it blooms. Its low-lying branches provide a nice transition between upright shrubs like rosemary or cistus.

spring garden ideas 

Japanese Maples- 'Inaba Shidare', 'Villa Taranto', 'Skeeters Broom', 'Hefner's Red', 'Hobb's Red Willow', 'Pixie', 'Red Pybmy' are all newer varieties for Green Acres.  'Inaba Shidare' is one of the best laceleaf maples for hotter climates like Sacramento.  With very dark purple leaves and bright fiery red color in the fall.  It's name means "like the cascading leaves of the rice plant" and has been grown in Japan since the 1800's.

spring garden ideas
Port Orford Cedar 'Treasure Island'- This plant is grown for its beautiful chartreuse and golden foliage.  Often used in fairy or miniature gardens and is also suitable for growing indoors.

Hinok Cypress 'Rainbow'- Miniature variegated form of Hinoki False Cypress. Slow growing with bright foliage of golds, yellows, greens. Grows to 4' tall and 3' wide. Sought-after specimen plant for delicate rock gardens. Partial to full sun, good drainage needed.  

spring garden ideas 

'Raspberry Shortcake' Dwarf Thornless Raspberry by Monrovia- This exciting new dwarf has an endearing rounded growth habit and is perfectly suited for a large patio container.  It will nicely fill out no matter what size the container and requires no staking!  Self-fertile yielding full size sweet berries in mid-summer.

raspberry shortcake

Did anything catch your eye?  Hopefully you enjoyed these photos and snippets about some of the exciting and unique varieties at Green Acres.  All of our plants are from quality growers so we are sure to pass along to you the best quality products available.  Starting with a healthy plant increases your chances of success and our goal is to help you be successful with your landscape!

More Garden Tips!

**All plants mentioned are subject to availabiltiy.  Inventory may vary by location.

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Bareroot Roses are So Hot Right Now

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Jan 14, 2013 3:42:00 PM

Bareroot season is here... and bareroot roses are so hot right now.  Not familiar with bareroot?  Well, bareroot means the plants are grown in the field by a grower, uprooted and then shipped to your local nursery (Green Acres), to be sold. This is all possible because roses go dormant in the winter.  When the plant goes dormant, its root system goes dormant too which makes for easy planting and excellent root development.  

bareroot roses

Our bareroot rose selection becomes available in late winter*. We offer the finest variety of Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Climbing and Patio Tree, Patent and Non Patent Roses.  Bareroot season is the time to find that special rose you have been looking for.  During bareroot season you can find the best selection of for the whole year. 

bareroot roses

Popular varieties include: 'All American Magic', 'Silver Star', 'Opening Night', 'Mister Lincoln', 'Perfume Delight', 'Pink Peace' (pictured), 'Midas Touch', 'Julia Child' (pictured), 'Scentimental', 'Just Joey', 'Gingersnap'(pictured), 'Iceberg', 'Double Delight' (pictured), & Many MORE!

bareroot roses

A wonderful part of bareroot rose season is that it is the most economical time to buy roses.  Being their dormant season, they are only about one-third the cost of a full bloom rose shrub in spring.  We are certain that we have the best quality and selection of bareroot roses in all of Sacramento.  We invite you to come see our selection today! Don't forget that if you plant now, come late spring, you will see blooms on these lovely roses in your own gardens.

 bareroot roses

Interested in which varieties we offer?  Click below to find out.

Bareroot Rose Varieties  




* Please call stores to check availability. 



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The Best Gift Ideas are at Green Acres

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 7, 2012 11:59:00 AM

Do you have a friend or family member who seem to have everything? A special someone who is challenging to shop for? Green Acres to the rescue! Here are the best gift ideas in the Sacramento area that are sure to warm hearts and bring a smile!

best gift ideas sacramento

The heavenly sound of wind chimes by CORINTHIAN BELLS are always a favorite gift- once you hear them, you will understand why.  The ethereal sound resonates like no other chime- They are all handmade in the USA, come with a 5 year warranty and are available in a variety of beautiful colors.  Come in and give them a listen!

How about the GARDENER who has everything? We have top of the line cedar potting bench and raised planter boxes treated with linseed oil.  The bench and planter boxes come all ready assembled and are a lovely, thoughtful gift.

How about that CULINARY* genius? We have a fantastic selection of grills and all the goodies to go with them! Top of the line Weber Genesis grills, the chef extolled Big Green Egg.  Don't forget the spice rubs, sauces, wood chips, and a pizza peel!

Have a friend with a garden full of roses, shrubs and vines? Pick them up a pair of the best pruners around- BAHCO pruners are user friendly, well-built and versatile.  While you're here, be sure to get a belt friendly holder for your new pruners and you're good to go!

PLANT LOVER on your list? Our CAMELLIAS are budding and in bloom now.  They come in a number of colors and varieties like 'Yuletide', 'Nuccio's Gem', 'Buttermint', 'Bob Hope', 'Bella Rossa' & more. Come see one of us and we'll help you choose the perfect camellia and beautiful POTTERY to dress it up!

best gift ideas sacramento
How about that WILDLIFE enthusiast? We have a super selection of bird seed, wooden bird feeders, suet and hummingbird goodies. Finch feeders are one of the most entertaining surprises- hang one of these and watch the finches go crazy!

Finding a gift for that special someone can be a challenge.  But getting them something useful and functional is a win-win.  Heat-up those cool evenings with a firepit!* 

firpit oraflame

We hope these ideas help simplify your gifting troubles.  Happy gardening. 

Green Acres Website


*Please remember that the Outdoor Living items like fire pits, barbeques and patio furniture are not at every Green Acres location.  Check our website for locations. 

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Get Your Grills in Elk Grove, Folsom, and Now in Rocklin

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Dec 3, 2012 10:29:00 AM

Grills in Folsom
Looking for a gift for that special grill master in your life?  Green Acres Nursery & Supply Outdoor Living Living is proud to provide a stellar selection of:

  • Gas Grills
  • The Big Green Egg  


We have a wide variety of grills in Elk Grove, Folsom, and now in Rocklin year 'round.  


We carry the complete line of Weber Grills including accessories.  One of our most popular gas grills is the Weber Genesis.  The Weber Genesis comes in a variety of colors including Green, Black, Copper as well as Stainless Steel.  

Consumer Reports review this as one of the best gas grills on the market for its price.  Those who own the Weber Genesis say that this grill is easy to use, that it provides even heat and is an overall excellent grill.  

If you are looking for a larger, high-end gas grill look no further than the Summit Grills from Weber that come in Stainless Steel and Black.  This grill has outstanding searing capabilities, exceptional temperature control and can even slow cook foods with its indirect heat feature.

Weber has been known since 1952 for its quality products and features grills with both coated cast-iron and stainless-steel-rod cooking grates and long-warranty stainless-steel burners. 


The Big Green Egg takes barbecuing and outdoor cooking to a new level.  From pizza to ribs, or Thanksgiving dinner to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all your expectations for culinary perfection.  

Some of the key Big Green Egg qualities are:

  • It is easy to start and ready to use in just minutes
  • Easy temperature control
  • Easy cleanup
  • Extremely versatile and used as a grill, an oven and a smoker all in one place 
With five convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit every lifestyle and Green Acres carries all the accessories to make your egg experience complete.  

Green Acres is your grill destination in the Greater Sacramento Area.  We offer competitive pricing on grills, holiday specials and offer incredible grills year 'round.  

Visit Us!





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