Free Garden Education Event- Dig Into Spring Ideas Fair

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Feb 27, 2013 12:41:00 PM

free garden education event

With the weather warming up and the earliest bulbs blooming, many gardeners are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring. To prepare you for the gardening season, Green Acres is proud to announce it's Annual Dig Into Spring Ideas Fair! 
Free Garden Education event
Our store will be set up like a true plant-lovers expo, with booths from some of the best garden suppliers and nurseries in the area, including:
  • E.B. Stone
  • The Scotts company
  • Danner Manufacturing
  • Monrovia Nursery
  • Kawahara Nursery
  • Bayer
  • Bonide
  • Mahaney Tools
  • And many more!

Come attend our free educational Seminars presented by leading experts in the garden world.

Other attractions include:

Complimentary food provided by local food trucks.  

Raffle prizes & giveaways.

Barbecue demonstrations!
Come see how these beautiful machines do their magic and taste little treats throughout the weekend. 

In store sales!
The thirty plus vendors are providing great pricing, so we in turn are passing the savings on to you.

Interested in coming?  We sure hope so.  Visit our website to learn more!

Green Acres Website  

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Need a Dependable Nursery Supply Store in Sacramento this Fall?

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Sep 27, 2012 10:21:00 AM

If you enjoy gardening, you'll love looking for nursery supply products at Green Acres this Fall. Our California Certified Nursery Professionals provide accurate and thorough information to our local gardeners.  We can provide insight when choosing flowers, landscape shrubs, trees, perennials, fruit, citrus, herbs, vegetables, and other plants for your landscape.

nursery supply

We strive to carry the best, specialized products!  Many of the nursery supply products we have are unique to indepenent garden centers and aren't available at the big box stores.  


Soil is one of the most important nursery supply products you could invest in for your yard.  Good soil translates into healthy plants.  We carry natural amendments to make your soil reach its potential.  Areas in Roseville and Folsom, especially, are known to have poor native soil, therefore a routine dose of amendments are essential.  

Green Acres only sells the best soils and soil amendments.  Our products contain only high quality organic material, no construction, or yard waste and never any bio-solids.  An excellent all natural soil conditioner for fall is Earthworm Castings.  This organic amendment is known to loosen hard soils, improve soil aeration, and conserve water.  We also carry specialty soils for acid loving plants, roses, cactus, orchids and even bonsai.

What about the gloves, weed fabric, frost cloth, trimmers, pruners, loppers, shovels, trowels, irrigation and other landscape supplies?  You'll find all of those specialty items and more.  


If you have a sick plant, we have the remedy.  Green Acres has a huge selection of nursery supply solutions like fungicides, insecticides and weed killers.  We can provide better solutions to your plant problems because of our extensive selection.  If you are into organics we carry a full line of OMRI rated products, many of which are safe to use up to the day before harvest.

We carry both synthetic and organic fertilizers from companies like GreenAll, Jobes, Osmocote, E.B. Stone, G&B Organics, & Earth Juice.  Our fertilizers are custom formulated, targeted for families of plants, and are very friendly for the environment.

For example, E.B. Stone makes a food specifically formulated for your palms, hibiscus, and other tropical plants.  Tropicals require rich soil conditions to look their best.  If the nutrients are lacking, you will end up with yellowing of the foiliage and minimal flowers so it is important to give specific plants what they crave to help them be healthy and look their best.

nursery supply

Checklist for Fall:

  • Plant cool season vegetables and refresh herbs
  • For nutrient rich soil, amend beds before you plant
  • Switch to a cool season fertilizer for lawns with nitrate nitrogen
  • Pick-up frost cloth to protect citrus, tropicals and other frost sensitive plants when the nighttime temperatures dip into the mid to low 30’s
  • Control pests and powdery mildew 

Not sure which Green Acres Nursery & Supply is closest to you?  

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