Our Plant Pick-of-the-Week: Silverberry

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Oct 26, 2015 11:48:12 AM

Our Plant Pick of the Week: Silverberry


Silverberry (Elaeagnus 'Olive Martini') is an evergreen shrub which lends a subtle, understated elegance to the landscape. Its deep green foliage is rimmed with gold and covered in a soft silvery blush, which entices visitors to pause and admire its unusual beauty. In the fall, you might be lucky enough to catch a whiff of its inconspicuous flowers in bloom, which smell somewhat like Gardenias. 

Jan_Elaeagnus-060019-editedThough some species of Silverberry produce edible fruit, this cultivar is grown for its unusual foliage color and incredible drought tolerance. Reaching 10-15 feet high and wide, it is an excellent screening shrub to cover up an unsightly fence or provide you with privacy from adjacent houses.

It's Jan's plant pick-of-the-week because:

"The silvery-green foliage with just a hint of gold tends to pick up golden hues in surrounding plants, making them seem brighter."










Silverberry is a great alternative to thirsty screening shrubs and a great choice for the  CA Landscape 2.0

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Privacy Trees and Shrubs: Plants with a Purpose

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on May 14, 2014 10:26:00 AM

privacy screen shrubs

Do you long for more privacy or simply crave a secluded area in your yard?  Perplexed about which plant to choose? We have solutions.

All the options below are evergreen or in laymens terms, GREEN YEAR 'ROUND can provide added privacy and will thrive in Sacramento.  

Problem: Filtered Light or Shade
  • Pygmy Date Palm-
    Get a lush, tropical look with these palms. These are simply amazing planted in upright containers and become instant tropical trees!  Plus, if grown  in containers ,they can be moved to a covered area for winter, as they will not survive frost conditions. 
  • Camellias-  
    These grow to sizes from 3ft up to 10 ft!  These beauties  provide both flowers and evergreen foliage. There are many flower colors to choose from and with a moderate growth rate, Camellias are an exceptional choice for a screen.  Many varieties can be maintained at the height of your choice. These can be grown on a trellis as well.  Remember to plant these with acidic planting mix. 
  • Gardenias-  
    Ideal for east facing locations or in full shade.  Planted in the ground or in a tall container.  The 'Veitchii' variety which blooms from spring into summer with large fragrant flowers is excellent in containers.  (pictured above- Photo credits Doreen Wynja)


Problem: Very Narrow Space
VINES make an excellent option for narrow spots.
  • Evergreen Clematis Vine-
    With large, robust leaves and fragrant spring flowers, this vine is frost hardy too.  Simply place a trellis or support for this vine and it will reward you with goregeous flowers. 
  • The Lavender Trumpet Vine-
    A super solution for a sunny area.  This vine flowers consistently from spring into summer and is also frost hardy. (Pictured below)
privacy screening shrubs
Non-Vine Options:
  • Thuja 'Emerald Green'-
    This is also a cold hardy evergreen that will grow to 12-15 ft and 3-4 feet wide in both morning sun and full sun.
  • Bamboo-
    These remain narrow and upright when contained. Keep in mind  you can plant either running or clumping in a pot! Try 'Budda belly' which will grow to 3-6 ft tall,  depending on the depth of the container. 'Alphonse Karr' and the Mexican Weeping  are also great options. Bamboo can be grown in full sun-  keep well hydrated! Morning sun or filtered sun will make it easier to keep your bamboo happy! 
  • Podocarpus 'Maki'-
    Also known as the or Shrubby Yew Pine. This is a great option for those narrow areas and is a slow grower.  Reaching about 8-12 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It will grow in morning sun, full sun or filtered sun.  It can be sheared to any desired height or width.

privacy screen shrub

Problem: Sunny and Wide Area

  • Purple Hopseed Bush-
    Also known as Dodonea is a fast grower- reaching  to 10-15 ' high and wide.  This has a filtered screening capability and can be pruned to desired heighth and width. This is a water-wise plant! (Pictured above)
  • Carolina Cherry Laurel-
    the compact variety is perfect for most areas- 8-10 tall and 4-6  Wide. This will grow in a.m sun and full sun. This has a dark green leaf and dense growth.
  • Palms-
    Other palms are perfect for full sun locations and make a dramatic statement. The Pindo Palm and the Mediterranean Fan Palm will live in a container for up to 5-7 years or more.  These palms are cold hardy have an instant tropical "tree" feel. 


If none of these caught your fancy, there are many additional options including English Laurel, Eleganus, Portugal Laurel...the list goes on.  Visit your nearest Green Acres Store for more ideas or click below to learn about the best shade trees for our area. 

 List of The Best Shade Trees for Sacramento & our Free Tree Planting Guide.


Tree Planting Guide


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