Bareroot Basics

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Bareroot season is here, and it's the best time of year to select and plant the perfect variety of rose, fruit tree or rare edibles for your garden. 

What is bareroot?

Bareroot_Behind_the_Scenes_1-762515-edited.jpgBareroot nursery stock is plants that have been grown on farms in the field, dug up, and then transferred to nurseries to sell. At Green Acres Nursery & Supply, we pot-up our bareroot plants in fiber pulp pots, which helps protect the roots and lengthens the season that they're available to you. 

What is the benefit of buying bareroot?

  • Quality: because they're dormant when dug up, there is minimal damage inflicted on the roots. Planting them in the cool season allows them to get established so they are ready to take off come spring. 
  • Price: bareroot plants require less care to maintain in the nursery, so we receive them at a lower cost and share the savings with you. 
  • Selection: bareroot season also offers the widest selection of roses and fruit trees at the lowest prices of the year. Whether you're a beginner just looking to get started, or a seasoned gardener searching for that special unique variety, now is the time to buy!
  • Seasonality: Certain plants and unusual varieties are only available this time of year. For example, rhubarb and horseradish are sold almost exclusively in bareroot form. 


With over 50 varieties of Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda and Climbing roses to choose from, now is by far the best time to find that special rose you have your heart set on, or to fall in love with a new one! 

Download Our Bareroot Roses List

Need a few pointers on rose care? Check out our Growing Roses blog.

  Growing Roses

Fruit Trees

Dave Wilson Nursery has been the local expert in growing fruit trees for over 50 years. With their extensive selection of tried-and-true fruit trees with new and exciting varieties available every year, you're sure to find the right tree for your family. 

Want to grow your own, but you're not sure how to start? 

Backyard Orchard Culture


Locally sourced, fantastically flavored strawberries. Plant now for a fruitful spring.

Choose from:

  • Eversweet: everbearing variety produces sweet, conical fruit spring through fall. Ideal choice for warmer climates. 
  • Quinault: everbearing variety produces large, soft and sweet fruit, ideal for preserving and eating fresh. Produces late spring through fall. 


Other Tasty Bareroot Treats

  • Asparagus: perennial vegetable which requires partial shade in our climate. Once planted, it cannot be moved so find a permanent home for it. Asparagus requires several years of growth before first harvest, but your patience will be rewarded. 
  • Horseradish: very vigorous and easy to grow plant, requires about a year's worth of growth before first harvest. Horseradish thrives in rich soil. 
  • Rhubarb: delicious, edible, and attractive enough to earn a place in your ornamental garden. Rhubarb requires several years of growth before harvest, and afternoon shade in our climate. Harvest by pulling stalks sideways, never removing all the stalks from a single plant at once. Leaves are poisonous, ingest stalks only. 

Learn How To Grow Rhubarb, Horseradish and Asparagus 

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