Fairy Gardening for Beginners

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Aug 18, 2015 1:59:39 PM

Are you inspired by small spaces? Fairy gardening is a great way to capture the essence of a full-blown garden on a miniature scale and make fun summer containers! 


When planning your enchanted garden, consider:


Your planting container or "vessel" is the backdrop of your fairy garden and can inspire certain themes or settings. For example, large shallow bowls give the illusion of a wide, flat landscape. Plant with a low-growing groundcover and a few small flowers to simulate a miniature meadow or prairie. You can even stack pots within larger pots to give a tiered multi-dimensional effect.Tiered_Pot_1-706191-edited Broken pots can be recycled to create an unusual planting vessel with many tiny nooks for adventuring.

For inspiration, check out Fairy Gardens on our Pintrest page. 

Recycled objects such as old teapots, crates and boots can all be transformed into a fairy playground. Be sure to choose a vessel which drains. If you can't put drainage holes in your container, put a layer of rocks at the bottom about 1-2" thick, a layer of charcoal* and be cautious of over-watering. Charcoal and small pebbles can be found in the Specialty Soils section at all of our locations. 


When selecting plants for your fairy garden, don't just fall for the flowers! Your fairy garden is meant to be appreciated down to the tiniest detail, so be sure to add some plants with interesting foliage color and texture for charming containers.

Check out the 6-pack and mudflat groundcover section of the nursery, which has a great selection of small spreading plants which will fill in quickly.

The following plants are known to be especially appealing to fairies*

Irish or Scotch Moss Elfin Thyme Creeping Wire Vine Creeping Jenny
Pilea Blue or White Star Creeper Australian Violet Dead Nettle
Baby's Tears Hernaria Veronica Australian Astroturf

*Call stores for current availability.


The stones, shells, tchotchkies and treasures you nestle into your miniature landscape are like the "hardscape" of the fairy garden. Try getting an assortment of items which fit a theme and placing them in your container before planting. This will help you get an idea of what plants or containers are best suited to your theme. After the plants fill in around the hardscape, it will look well-established like it's been there for years. 

Shroomies_2-843251-editedAccessories are the most exciting aspect of a fairy garden, because they allow you to express your creativity and individual style. 

Try some of these fun ideas:

  • Use the tiered container set-up to create the appearance of a cascading waterfall.
  • Select some tree seedlings (ask for 'Bonsai Starters'), interplant with moss and finish off with Shroomyz ceramic mushroom stakes to emulate the feel of an ancient forest. 
  • Find some unique succulents and adorn with sand, shells, beach glass and driftwood to create a surreal seascape. 



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