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buying sod folsom

Choosing sod for your Sacramento Area home can feel like a daunting task because there are so many choices.  Many homeowners we talk to don't know where to start.  We suggest that the best place to start is with quality.  Green Acres Nursery & Supply carries only the highest quality sod, grown by Delta Bluegrass.  As the homeowner, you don't have to worry about starting with an inferior product.  Delta Bluegrass is one of those companies that's been around for decades because they have grown the best quality sod in our area.

buying sod folsom

Over the past 30 years Delta Bluegrass has worked to develop sod blends and varieties perfectly suited for the "micro-climates" found in Northern and Central CA.  Delta Bluegrass is a local company in Stockton and their farm produces over 20 varieties of sod for the Northern CA Area and one of their blends is even found on the home field of the SF Giants!  All of their sod is peat-grown on degradable netting for easy installation.  They are known for their signature product, Bolero™ sod, which stands out from competition because of its Mediterranean origin which makes it especially suited for Northern and Central California.  Bolero™ sod features a fine bluegrass-like texture, uses less water, maintains a rich green color year 'round, and is also heat tolerant. 

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Like we mentioned, Delta Bluegrass grows over 20 different blends of sod.  How do you know what works in our area?  Hands down, the most popular varieties for Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento areas are: 

  • Bolero™ (100% Bolero Dwarf Fescue)  
  • Bolero™ Plus (90% Bolero Dwarf Fescue/10% Bluegrass).  

Both of these varieties are considered "Bolero™ sod" and are both chosen for the qualities mentioned above, like heat & drought tolerance, texture, year 'round color, and more.  The Bolero™ Plus sod blend has the same qualities as the Bolero™ but the addition of Bluegrass assures better density, faster wear recovery, and better wintering.  The faster wear recovery is important if you have kids, pets, or high traffic areas.  

Additional Delta Bluegrass varieties available through Green Acres Nursery & Supply special order are:

1.  90/10 Tall Fescue with stellar heat tolerance

2.  Blue Rye which is preferred for heavy or sandy soils and developed for golf courses and sports fields and formerly featured at AT&T Park in San Francisco

3.  Rye Blue which also formulated for golf courses or sports fields

4.  Shade Blend which was specifically designed for locations receiving over 40% daily shade amounts

5.  Mow Free is a blend that truly can be left unmowed if desired and creates a meadow-like look in your landscape

6.  Tiffway 419 & Tiffway II are both hybrid Bermudas highly desirable for high traffic athletic fields and can be cut extremely short.  The Tiffway 419 blend is currently featured at AT&T Park- home of the Giants!

7.  6 California Native Varieties are also available!  Continue reading for more info.

8.  Kurapia Groundcover Sod- new for 2016!  Uses 60% less water, less mowing and a natural pollinator.   Featured in Sunset Magazine and blog in March 2016 issue.  See the Delta Bluegrass website for more details on Kurapia.

buying sod in Roseville, Sacramento, Folsom

Did you know that there are California Native sods suitable for residential uses?  Delta Bluegrass offers California Native Sods which can be irrigated for a year-around green lawn at 50% less water than the use of traditional cool-season sod.  Interest in California Native grasses has spread throughout the green industry.  Water conservation concerns and economics have prompted many to investigate grasses that thrive on little water or no supplemental water.  Delta Bluegrass offers 6 different California Native blends.  

buying sod in Roseville, Sacramento, Folsom


The California Native Mow Free sod is especially popular because of its low maintenance and versatility.  The California Native Mow Free can be maintained as a turf lawn or left unmowed.  It contains two native fine fescues and one highly naturalized variety.  It has both shade and cold tolerance and has the benefit of providing soil stabilization for slopped areas.  You'll find the deep green, glossy leaves an added bonus of this beautiful and versatile sod.  For information on other varieties of California Native Sods look at the Delta Bluegrass website for a complete description.

Once you choose the type of sod you'd like, you can spend some time making sure your yard is ready to install sod.  The basic checklist includes: killing and removing existing lawn, soil preparation, irrigation installation, and finally rolling and grading your surface. For a complete description of this process, visit the Pre-Sod Preparation Guide on the Delta Bluegrass website.  

If you have any additional questions about choosing sod please drop by or call one of our Green Acres Nursery & Supply locations. We are proud to offer the highest quality, fresh sod Monday through Saturday.  Pre-ordering is recommended due to high demand. Redoing your whole front and back yard?  You might be interested to hear that we offer free delivery for sod orders over 1,000 sq./ft.

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