Dog Safe Plants for Sacramento Summers

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Jul 16, 2015 2:52:00 PM

dog friendlyAt Green Acres Nursery & Supply, we love man's best friend!  

Most dogs enjoy meandering through the aisles to soak up the various sights, sounds, and delicious smells in our nurseries.  They also appreciate getting special treatment by being offered dog treats, and extra pats from our staff.  

Gardeners with dogs are frequently asking our gurus about dog safe planting ideas.  There are a plethora of dog safe plants that are perfect for Sacramento gardeners.  Read on to learn more!

Green Acres' Top 10 Dog Safe Plants

  • Light Requirements- Full Sun 

  • Season- Summer

    CANNA lily 

  1. Coreopsis

  2. Canna Lily

  3. Catmint

  4. Supertunia

  5. Crape Myrtle

  6. Daylily

  7. Aptenia

  8. Celosia

  9. Alyssum

  10. Lemon Bottlebrush 

Dog Friendly Container Recipe

Thriller: Coreopsis 'Little Bang' Daybreak

Fillers: Supertunia 'Priscilla', Celosia 'Kimono Mix', Alyssum 'Clear Crystal Rose'

Spiller: Aptenia variegated

Planting Tips: 
-Use an organic fertilizer in your container.

-Completely mix it into the soil rather than sprinkling it on top.  Pets can be attracted to the blood and bone meal in the fertilizer. 

Pet Friendly container labled

Photo of completed container.  Green Acres Nursery & Supply carries all plants pictured.  See stores for current inventory. 

Shopping List:


1.  THRILLER: Coreopsis 'Little Bang' Daybreak

Pet friendly plants

2. FILLER #1: Supertunia 'Priscilla' 

A nice snapshot (below) of the Supertunia 'Priscilla'  Photo credit: Proven Winners.   

supertunia pricilla proven winners resized 600


3.  FILLER #2: Celosia 'Kimono' Mix

pet friendly plants 

4.  FILLER #3: Alyssum 'Clear Crystal Rose'

pet friendly plants 


 5.  SPILLER: Aptenia variegated

APTENIA variegated 


Green Acres Website

Although, all of these plants have been reported to be non-toxic to dogs by the ASPCA, all animals are different.  We strongly discourage you to allow your pet to eat any plant regardless of its toxicity level.  Even the most unlikely of plants can cause some discomfort your pet if ingested.
*See stores for discount details. 

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Wordless Wednesday- Waterwise & Organic

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Jul 9, 2014 3:56:00 PM


waterwise & organic

waterwise & organic

waterwise & organic

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How to Make Your Summer Patio Look Amazing

Posted by Green Acres Nursery & Supply on Jun 6, 2014 10:15:00 AM

Sprucing up your summer patio is easy to do.  Follow our four tips to create your patio retreat.

summer patio1. Add a Tropical Look

  • Adding tropical plants creates a lush environment in no time!  Try Bougainvillea or Mandevilla if you are looking for vining color to climb a trellis or arbor.  
  • Hibiscus & Canna (pictured) both add bold color with large full flowers.  Cannas are cold hardy and will return as perennials year after year.  
  • If foliage is more of your thing, plant Palms or Bananas.  Pygmy palms are graceful and easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for containers.
  • One of our favorite items for the warm season in Sacramento is an annual called Coleus.  This plant is an annual with a tropical look. It's prized for its lush, vibrant foliage.

2. Use Colorful Pottery and Fountains 

There's no easier way to add color to your patio than by choosing pottery or fountains to compliment your style.
summer patio

  • When finding pottery for your patio, choose either a few large pots or several small containers.  Always display pottery in odd number groupings.
  • Bring nature closer! A small bubbler or fountain attracts wildlife and makes your outdoor retreat even more enjoyable.  Installing a self-contained fountain with an easy-to-install pump can be just what you need to complete a soothing retreat-like ambiance. 
  • Going for a Mediterranean look?  Choose pottery with a golden mustard hue and plant bright red flowers for complimenting shades.
  • Bright blue pottery will give you a classic, fresh feeling all year.
If your decorating style is inspired by nature, try a neutral rust or green color.

3. Discover Shade-Loving plants 

Summer Patio

Just because you have shade does not mean you can't have patio planters bursting with blooms.  Many plants thrive in shade during summer.

Begonias- Blooming in light & dark pinks and white.  With many sizes and varieties to choose from, Begonias are fool-proof stars for shade.

Gardenias- These evergreen beauties with bright white flowers are both fragrant and beautiful. Thriving in morning sun and afternoon shade, Gardenias grow to nicely rounded shrubs with glossy green leaves. Plant near a window to enjoy their fragrance inside and out from mid-spring to late summer.

Lamium- This elegant, silvery foliaged plant works well as a low ground cover or as a lovely spiller in containers.  Pink or white blooms appear throughout summer.

Ferns- There is a fern for any taste or style. Large or small, ferns add beautiful texture with unique hues of green, red, and silver to any shady garden. 

Fuchsia- Bearing unscented flowers frequented by hummingbirds! (pictured) Fuchsias are traditionally known for the graceful hanging varieties which thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade. More recently, upright varieties have taken the spotlight with their smaller, orange and red flowers. Either variety makes the perfect companion plant for containers.


summer patio

4. Make Outdoor Feel Like Indoor

We spend the time to decorate our indoor spaces, why not do the same for our outdoor room?   

If you don't already have comfy patio furniture, spring and summer is the time to find your dream set.  We offer beautiful in- stock and custom order furniture.  If you already have your furniture setup, consider a colorful rug to break up the space.  Or add privacy to your space by having wall art or a nature inspired living wall.  Think about what hours of the day you will use this space.  If it will be during evenings, install hanging pendant lights or market lights to create atmosphere.

For something a little more out of the ordinary, use colorful garden art. Try vintage finds or rock art, an up-cycled wagon wheel, metal animals, wind chimes, ceramics like these cute Shroomyz (pictured), or even a garden gnome.  The options are truly endless, but whatever you do, make it your own!


For more ideas visit our Pinterest Outdoor Room board!

Green Acres on Pinterest  

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